The basics of aquarium plants - stem plants for the aquarium background

Stem plants are perfect background plants for the aquarium. Shorter species or plants that tolerate pruning well are great for the nano, longer growing stem plants also fit into larger aquariums. Read more »

Hermetospheres or bottle gardens - a new trend in plant husbandry

The latest trend in plant keeping are bottle gardens or hermetospheres - in principle a variation of the Wabi Kusa or a plant terrarium, but completely closed and thus extremely easy to care for! Here are not only instructions for planting and care, but also a detailed plant... Read more »

The basics of aquarium plants: Middle ground plants, sitting on decoration

Perching plants are especially great for greening the decoration, especially aquarium roots and aquarium rocks. This makes the aquascape or planted aquarium look especially beautiful and natural. Here you can learn everything about the tops, how to attach them, how to care for... Read more »
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