Wie finde ich das richtige Aquarium Komplettset?

So ein Aquarium Komplettset kann eine feine Sache sein - die Suche nach dem richtigen Filter, der richtigen Heizung und dem richtigen Licht fürs neue Aquarium kann unglaublich nervig sein, und mit einem Komplettset werden dir diese Entscheidungen einfach abgenommen. Worauf du... Read more »

Aquarium base cabinet what do I need to consider?

An aquarium base cabinet is a practical way to place your aquarium and store the accessories. However, there are some important factors you should consider to ensure you choose the right base cabinet for your aquarium. These include the size of the base cabinet, the material... Read more »

LED lighting in aquaristics

It has been impossible to imagine aquaristics without them for some time now: we are talking about LED lights. Whether clip-on, hanging or with computer-aided controlling technology and conveniently controllable via a cell phone app, the range of lighting solutions for... Read more »

Aquarium heating and temperature monitoring

Many aquarium inhabitants feel comfortable at higher temperatures, room temperature is too cool for them. Today we look at different ways to heat an aquarium and bring it to a comfortable temperature for the aquarium inhabitants. Read more »

UV-C clarifier for clean, clear water in the aquarium

A UV-C clarifier is often recommended against bacteria in the open water and against algae blooms. What can the devices do, what are their limits and where should they not be used under any circumstances? Read more here. Read more »

Aquarium hoses and their use in aquaristics

Aquarium hoses, a book with seven seals? Here in the Garnelio blog we explain everything you need to know - material, colors, common hose diameters and all possible uses for the common types of hoses on and around the aquarium. Read more »

Everything about rainwater for the aquarium

Many shrimps and freshwater fish need very soft, rather mineral-poor water in the aquarium. A demineralizer is one way to produce soft water, which can then be brought to the required values with special aquarium mineral salts.
Read more »

Animating the filter in the aquarium

To get the filter working properly, it is often recommended to inoculate it. Today, we will take a closer look at what is behind this and which methods are available.
Read more »

Product review - Dennerle Nano Mulmsauger

"Good" mulm is loose-fluffy, rather medium brown and smells pleasantly of forest soil. It is mainly produced in larger quantities if you feed a lot of foliage, which is very beneficial for shrimps and crayfish. It is eaten very readily by shrimps and provides a settlement area... Read more »
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