Zehn gute Tipps fürs Einrichten eines Aquariums

Mit unseren 10 guten Tipps zur Einrichtung eines neuen Aquariums kann eigentlich beim Start ins Hobby Aquaristik nicht viel schief gehen. Hier liest du Tipps aus der Praxis, von Aquarianern für Aquarianer geschrieben und ausprobiert!
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Roots - different types of wood and their suitability for the aquarium

Aquarium roots - what to consider, which ones are available and which ones are particularly suitable for aquaristics and for shrimp aquariums in particular? Here follows the small Garnelio root science. Read more »

Gravel and sand in the aquarium

Those who operate an aquarium with soft to rather hard water and do not want to use active Soil in the tank, like to fall back on gravel and sand in the aquarium. Here there are quite different grain sizes and finenesses as well as quite different colors of gravel and sand to... Read more »

The low-maintenance aquarium - is it possible at all or is it a myth?

An aquarium that looks top-notch with little effort, whose inhabitants happily and healthily make their circles among fresh green plants - in short, a piece of nature in the house ... does that have to remain a dream? We say: No. Such an aquarium can even be realized with... Read more »

Aquarium Soil - Curse and Blessing?

Clear, soft and slightly acidic flowing waters - this is where they are at home, and they have adapted perfectly to these conditions. We are talking, of course, about our beloved bee shrimp of the genus Caridina logemanni, but also about their cultivated forms, which need the... Read more »