Algensteine einfach selbstgemacht

Algensteine sind erstklassiges Futter für alle Aufwuchsfresser von der Rennschnecke über alle Zwerggarnelen bis hin zum Pleco. Hier zeigen wir dir eine einfache Methode, wie du Algensteine fürs Aquarium selbst machen kannst. Read more »

What protein sources do shrimp, crabs and prawns tap into in nature?

Shrimp, crabs and shrimps need protein to grow and reproduce, but too much can lead to problems with molting. Which food ingredients are particularly suitable for the invertebrate crabs in the aquarium, and how can you feed to avoid molting problems as much as possible? Read more »

Fish food XXL - a comparison of different types of food for the aquarium

Here we introduce the different types of fish food, we give tips on how you can make your own cheap fish food, and of course we also talk about our own food line NatureHolic Feed - how we put together our recipes, how the food is processed and what criteria we work by. Read more »

Buying fish food - but which one? The different types of aquarium fish food

Not all fish are the same - there are very different things on the menu of the finned fish. We explain the most important types of food and give valuable tips for feeding fish in the aquarium. Read more »

The proper feeding of cherax crayfish from Papua

Cherax from Papua are considered susceptible to molting problems - that this is due to the feed is crystallizing more and more. We have found a good solution and developed two new feeds based on scientific principles especially for these Cherax crayfish. Read more »

Paramecia for rearing small fish larvae and for shrimps

Paramecia are a very good initial food for small fish larvae and are relatively easy to propagate. Obtaining them as food is a little trickier, but with our tips, feeding slipper lizards is also possible without any problems. Read more »

NatureHolic Booster - liquid food for shrimps, snails and mussels

A new type of feed is causing a furor: liquid feed not only for mussels, but also for snails and shrimp. How can this work? The feed developers at NatureHolic have come up with something particularly good here. Read more »
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