Broadleaf spear leaf - Anubias barteri - Dennerle pot
Broadleaf spear leaf - Anubias barteri - Dennerle pot
  • variable in leaf shape
  • ideal on roots or stones
  • for the middle ground of larger tanks
  • very easy to maintain

Broadleaf spear leaf - Anubias barteri - Dennerle pot

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Product information
Broadleaf spear leaf - Anubias barteri - Dennerle pot
Robust, popular, uncomplicated ... actually, you only have to clip off the dead leaves (and even that not very often). Anubias barteri var. barteri is extremely easy to care for and will do well in virtually any aquarium conditions. The plant becomes very dense and tall over time - wonderful for larger tanks! - Garnelio
Light requirements: little
C02: without CO2 fertilization
Growth rate: slow
Origin: Africa
Basin placement: Middle ground
Type: Pot
Genus: Anubias
Height: yes

Anubias barteri var. barteri, the Broadleaf Spear Leaf, grows relatively fast for an Anubias, but is still a slow growing plant compared to other aquarium plants. In nature, it is found in partial shade to shade along fast-flowing bodies of water, often in splash, occasionally submerged. In terms of leaf shape, broadleaf spearwort is quite variable. Its foliage is dark green and firm and is spared from herbivorous fish, making Broadleaf Spear Leaf ideal for Malawi or Tanganyika perch tanks, among others. Unlike other Anubias species, the rootstock does not always grow along the substrate, but can also tend to grow vertically upwards.

Anubias barteri var. barteri also thrives in aquariums with low light. It does not like planting in a substrate such as soil, gravel or sand; its rootstock may rot when exposed to air. It is better to tie up the plant.

To propagate Anubias barteri var. barteri, you can simply cut off a section of the rhizome that still has at least two leaves growing on it. This is then reattached.

The Broadleaf Spear Leaf Anubias barteri var. barteri is also very suitable for emerse cultivation in an aquaterrarium or paludarium with high humidity.

Our recommendation: For a splendid plant growth we recommend the premium nutrient medium when setting up a new plant NatureHolic GroundBooster

Scientific name: Anubias barteri var. barteri
German name: Broad-leaved spear leaf
Origin/Distribution:: Africa
Growth habit: oblong oval, relatively broad medium green to dark green leaves on sturdy stems
Height of growth: 20-40 cm
Growth rate: slow
Placement in the tank:: Middle ground, ideal for tying up
Light requirement: low to medium
CO2 fertilization: not necessary
Water hardness: 3-18 °dH
Temperature: 12-30 °C
Propagation: by division of the rhizome
Further information: Anubias plants in the aquarium and terrarium - species and care, Watering aquarium plants properly


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Broadleaf spear leaf - Anubias barteri - Dennerle pot

Broadleaf spear leaf - Anubias barteri - Dennerle pot

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