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Cloverleaf - Hydrocotyle cf. tripartita - XXL InVitro Cup

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Product information
Cloverleaf - Hydrocotyle cf. tripartita - XXL InVitro Cup
Growth rate: fast
C02: without CO2 fertilization
Type: InVitro
Basin placement: Foreground
Light requirements: medium
Origin: Australia
Genus: Hydrocotyle


Cloverleaf (Hydrocotyle cf. tripartia) is a foreground and mid-ground plant that belongs to the pennywort family. It is often used completely as ground cover. However, it is carpet-forming only if the light conditions are sufficient and, if necessary, additional fertilization is applied. It is only since a few years increasingly found in the domestic trade and was previously quite unknown in the European area. In this country it is still considered a rarity. On sale, it is sometimes not only listed and offered as cloverleaf, but is also available under the names "Australia" or "Japan".

It is especially popular with aquascapers and shrimp lovers, who appreciate its advantages and the possible formation of flowers. When fully grown, the absolute maximum height of the plant is 10 cm. It has an intense green color and incised 3-5 lobed leaves, which are characteristic of this plant and contributed to its name. After all, this plant strongly reminds of clover in a green meadow. Interestingly, the clover leaf tends to grow somewhat in height rather than in width when light conditions are insufficient.

Keeping, propagation and care: The keeping of the shamrock is to be regarded as simple, since it thrives at water temperatures of 20 to 28 degrees Celsius and does not make any demands on the water hardness (from very soft to hard) and with the already mentioned good light conditions it can be described as very fast-growing. Propagation is easily done by runners of the plant. More compactness can be achieved by pressing down the growth, such treatment does not harm the plants in the least. Pruning to be carried out in the case of excessive growth also does not burden the plant, and a steady sprouting can still be observed. Often this shortening is just necessary, because the plant does not stop at the roots, mosses and stones and overgrows them. Ideally, planting is done with tweezers, making sure that the individual shoot is inserted deep enough into the ground.

Summary: Hydrocotyle cf. tripartia is primarily suitable for nano and shrimp tanks due to its easy care and excellent growth habit. Larger and bottom-dwelling ornamental fish might make it difficult for this interesting plant to grow in a normal tank, and its keeper would have less pleasure with this new release in the German trade.

Guaranteed free of algae, pathogens, planaria and snails.

The naturally pesticide and bacticide free pre-culture on liquid or gel medium eliminates the problem of freeing the plants from the rockwool that is otherwise common with many plant species. The plant can be taken out of the culture cup without damage and then planted or tied on directly.

You will receive a well-grown tray (5.5 cm in diameter) from us. Before use, you should free the plants/mosses from the adhering culture medium. Please remove the plants from the tray and place them in a cup of aquarium water for 1 hour, then thoroughly rinse the plant with running tap water. More is not necessary! This way you will get numerous single plants, which will grow after a short time in the aquarium and then also get their natural color and size !

What are the advantages of in-vitro cups ?

Plants from in-vitro cultures are produced or cultivated germ-free and under sterile conditions in the laboratory and therefore bring the following advantages:

No snails:

With the conventional aquarium plant purchase it happens very often that one introduces uninvited guests into the aquarium, which one usually gets rid of only with great effort. Meanwhile, this topic fills several forums and Facebook groups. With the use of in-vitro plants, which are guaranteed snail-free, this problem does not exist. Unlike conventional aquarium plant bunches / pots, In-Vitro plants are cultivated under sterile conditions, so that unwanted guests do not even find their way into the cup and thus into your aquarium.

No algae spores, bacteria or fungi

Thanks to the sterile environment in the culture vessels, neither spores nor bacteria will be able to creep in, fungal contamination of the tissue cultures is also ruled out. Pesticides and bacticides are not used !

Shrimp friendly:

If you don't want to water bunch/potted plants laboriously before using them, you should use the InVitro plants which can be used directly in the shrimp aquarium. The avoidance of pesticides and bactericides is especially beneficial to the invertebrate aquarium inhabitants. Shrimp are very sensitive to pesticides used in commercial aquarium plant cultivation. In Vitro plants are 100% shrimp safe !

More plant mass for the money:

In contrast to pot - bunch plants you get more plant mass for your money with the InVitro cups. From this point of view you have much more starting material for the setup, the portions can be divided with a few simple steps. They can be easily planted with spacing, depending on the environment and species, visible carpets develop within just a few weeks.

Longer storage time:

In-Vitro Cups can be stored longer than conventionally grown aquarium plants, however, we recommend the immediate use of the in-vitro plants or calculate with a maximum storage time of 7-14 days.

Our recommendation: For a splendid plant growth we recommend the premium nutrient medium when setting up a new aquarium NatureHolic GroundBooster

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Cloverleaf - Hydrocotyle cf. tripartita - XXL InVitro Cup

Cloverleaf - Hydrocotyle cf. tripartita - XXL InVitro Cup

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