Java moss CocoPad 9x9 cm
  • Natural coconut mat
  • Planted with Java moss
  • For special flair
  • Great decoration & hiding place
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Java moss CocoPad 9x9 cm

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Product information
Java moss CocoPad 9x9 cm
Moss cushions are literally necessary for invertebrates to survive, but no one said that mosses must therefore look ugly! Thanks to its pliability, the CocoPad with Java Moss can be tied onto aquarium decorations or used on the aquarium floor as a ground cover. The robust, finely structured medium green Java moss fits ideally into any planted aquarium and is even suitable for aquaterrariums and terrariums with high humidity. - Garnelio

Somewhat flexible Java moss CocoPad for aquarium, aquaterrarium, rainforest terrarium and wetland terr arium was professionally planted with beautiful aquarium moss Vesicularia dubyana. Java moss is characterized by its juicy medium green color and fine structure. Aquatic moss Vesicularia dubyana still grows well under low light and feels comfortable even in the shade of taller plants. If java moss is trimmed a bit into shape from time to time, it will branch nicely and grow into a compact cushion.

The CocoPad measures 18x3 cm, making it narrow enough for detailed aquarium design. The coconut mat we use as a base for our CocoPad is more flexible than wire mesh and does not release unwanted substances into the water. The CocoPad with Java moss can even be tied onto wood or stones and adapts to the substrate.

You can cut the CocoPad to size at any time - but be careful with the threads with which the Java moss was tied on. These may need to be re-knotted or replaced.

Over time, the Java moss grows firmly on the CocoPad with the help of its adhesive organs and also gains a foothold in the aquarium, aquaterrarium or wet terrarium / rainforest terrarium. The CocoPad planted with moss fits ideally in the foreground or on the furnishings in the aquarium and aquaterrarium. The green of the Java moss looks beautiful in a planted tank or aquascape.

Shrimps and especially juvenile shrimps, but also small crabs, dwarf crayfish and the offspring of large crayfish find a good hiding place in the moss cushion of the CocoPad with Java Moss. The useful filter bacteria that break down nitrite and ammonium / ammonia also prefer to settle in the moss. Thanks to the many fine shoots, the surface of the moss is huge and optimally suited for the settlement of pollutant-degrading bacteria in biofilms. For shrimps and baby crayfish these biofilms are a very natural food, which is eaten extremely gladly. Together with the suspended particles caught in the moss, the dwarfs will always find something to feed on in the CocoPad with Java Moss.

For propagation, moss cushions are simply divided or you can cut off longer shoots from the Javamoos CocoPad and reattach them.

Also emersed (i.e. above water), for example in an aquaterrarium or in a humid terrarium, the Javamoos CocoPad is a great eye-catcher. As long as the environment is humid enough, the Java moss will grow even above water.

Size: 9x9 cm
Content: 1x Javamoos CocoPad 9x9 cm 

Our recommendation: For a magnificent plant growth we recommend the use of the NatureHolic fertilizer series and for new setups the Premium Nutrient Substrate NatureHolic GroundBooster.

Expert Tip: With the NatureHolic plant glue you can glue this plant gently and easily to stones, roots and decoration . Made in Germany, the adhesive does not pollute the water and has no negative impact on the stocking.

Name: Java moss CocoPad
Description:Coconut mat with moss tied on it
Manufacture: Handmade, Made in Germany
Scientific Name: Vesicularia dubyana
German Name: Java moss
Origin/Distribution: Asia
Growth habit: beautiful medium green moss, branches well and grows relatively bushy
Height of growth: approx. 3-5 cm
Growth rate: slow
Placement in the tank: Foreground to middle ground or on top of aquarium decorations (roots, rocks, caves, etc.)
Light requirement: low
CO2 fertilization: not necessary
Water hardness: 3-25 °dH
Temperature: 15-28 °C
Propagation: Division
Further information: Successfully maintaining mosses in aquariums and terrariums
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Java moss CocoPad 9x9 cm

Java moss CocoPad 9x9 cm

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Question: "Hallo, ich habe ein Stück Holz und würde gerne für Garnelen dieses mit diesem Moos beziehen u würde das Moos gerne auf das Holz kleben. Muss ich es dazu vom Kokosuntergrund lösen oder einfach mitsamt diesen draufkleben? Danke & viele Grüße Peter Scherl"

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

Hallo Peterm vielen Dank für deine Frage! Die Pads kannst du so wie sie sind auf Steine oder Holz aufkleben.

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