Java moss - Taxiphyllum barbieri - XXL InVitro cup
Java moss - Taxiphyllum barbieri - XXL InVitro cup
  • beautiful moss
  • natural flair for the aquarium
  • very beautiful on roots and stones
  • from tissue culture (In Vitro)
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Java moss - Taxiphyllum barbieri - XXL InVitro cup

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Product information
Java moss - Taxiphyllum barbieri - XXL InVitro cup
Java moss on roots or stones is particularly popular in the aquarium. It looks natural and extremely natural - in nature, a moss-covered tree stump tells us the eternal story of growth and decay. The proven moss Taxiphyllum barbieri is robust, does not need much care and also not particularly strong light. It comes from InVitro culture and therefore holds no unpleasant surprises such as algae, parasites or snails. The use is very simple, the effect is overwhelmingly beautiful. - Garnelio
Origin: Asia
Light requirements: little
C02: without CO2 fertilization
Type: InVitro
Basin placement: Foreground
Growth rate: slow
Genus: Taxiphyllum

The robust, insensitive Taxiphyllum barbieri is often called Java m oss, even though it replaced the "real" Java moss Vesicularia dubyana in the hobby about 40 years ago. Sporadically you can see V. dubyana in the trade again today, it is also called Java moss, but also Singapore moss. Taxiphyllum barbieri still grows relatively well under low light or in the shade of larger aquatic plants.

Clumps of Java moss look great in the foreground, but especially on root wood and rocks, they bring natural flair to any aquarium.

Regular trimming ensures dense, bushy growth for Taxiphyllum barbieri. The moss can be easily propagated by division, cut fronds can be easily tied on or glued to dry substrates with super glue.

Mosses from InVitro culture are basically always free of viruses, bacteria and fungi due to their cultivation, and they also do not contain any algae or unwanted co-inhabitants such as snails or parasites. The nutrient gel is rinsed off under running water, and the moss is ready for use.

Expert Tip: With the NatureHolic plant glue stick this plant gently and easily on stones, roots and decoration . Made in Germany, the adhesive does not pollute the water and has no negative impact on the stock.


Scientific name: Taxiphyllum barbieri
German name: Java moss
Origin/Distribution: Asia
Growth habit: beautiful medium green moss, branches well and grows relatively bushy
Height of growth: approx. 3-5 cm
Growth rate: slow
Placement in the tank: Foreground to middle ground
Light requirement: low
CO2 fertilization: not necessary
Water hardness: 3-25 °dH
Temperature: 5-28 °C
Propagation: Division
Further information Successfully maintaining mosses in aquariums and terrariums
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Java moss - Taxiphyllum barbieri - XXL InVitro cup

Java moss - Taxiphyllum barbieri - XXL InVitro cup

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