NatureHolic - PurZeolite
NatureHolic - PurZeolite
  • natural water conditioner
  • against organic pollutants
  • binds heavy metals
  • makes the water crystal clear

NatureHolic - PurZeolite

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Product information
NatureHolic - PurZeolite
Pure, uncontaminated water is simply the be-all and end-all in aquaristics! NatureHolic PurZeolith removes heavy metals, drug residues, chlorine and organic pollutants from the aquarium water effectively and reliably in a natural way. Your fish, shrimp and other invertebrates in the aquarium will thank you for the significantly less polluted water through lively behavior and bright colors. Enjoy the sight of your colorful, vital and prolific aquarium inhabitants in crystal clear aquarium water thanks to effective pollutant removal with natural zeolite. - Garnelio

NatureHolic PurZeolite is an aquarium water conditioner that harnesses the pure power of nature. Our NatureHolic PurZeolite water conditioner consists of 100% finely ground zeolite powder and is free of fillers and other unwanted substances.

Zeolite is an excellent ion exchanger and removes toxic and unwanted substances from the aquarium water: heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, ammonium / ammonia and many other pollutants thus no longer have a chance to exert their harmful influence on the aquarium inhabitants. NatureHolic PurZeolith was developed in one of the largest aquarium facilities for invertebrates in Germany. It is safe for fish and invertebrates and has absolutely provenitself in our daily use.

NatureHolic PurZeolith physically and thus in a completely natural way binds copper, silver and other heavy metals, removes chlorine and drug residues from the aquarium water and also magically attracts ammonium / ammonia. Thus pollutants are removed completely and effectively from the aquarium water. After an initial turbidity caused by the powdered water conditioner, the water in the aquarium quickly becomes crystal clear and transparent again.

The fish and invertebrates in the aquarium feel visibly better in the low-pollutant environment and show this through livelier behavior, greater vitality, better reproduction and beautiful colors. By removing pollutants from aquarium water, NatureHolic ZeolitePur can improve the overall well-being of aquarium inhabitants, making a significant contribution to their health and reducing unhealthy stress.

Important: Because the zeolite with the bound pollutants settles in the substrate and filter, we recommend cleaning the substrate regularly with a mulm vacuum cleaner and rinsing the filter media with cold, clear water from time to time to actively remove the bound pollutants from the aquarium.

Dose 0.05-0.1 g (half a dosing spoon or a small pinch) of NatureHolic PurZeolite per 10 liters of aquarium water. The powder is sprinkled on the water surface and then evenly distributed in the aquarium by the filter current.

If the fresh change water is treated with NatureHolic PurZeolite water conditioner, add the dose just mentioned to the container with the fresh water, stir briefly and let the water settle. The zeolite powder will settle as sediment. This sediment with bound pollutants is of course not added to the aquariumwhen changing the water.

The effect of NatureHolic PurZeolith occurs immediately. For this reason our water conditioner is well suited as an emergency remedy in case of acute poisoning. In case of poisoning we recommend to use double the dosage.

Name: NatureHolic PurZeolite
Description: highly finely ground powder for water care, maintenance preparation for water treatment in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
Dosage: 0.05-0.1 g (equivalent to half a dosage spoon or a small pinch) NatureHolic PurZeolith per 10 liters of aquarium water or changing water
Application: sprinkle on the water surface
Contents:30 g
Ingredients:100% pure zeolite
Manufacturer: Manufacturer: Natureholic, Fürstenwalderweg 7, 68309 Mannheim, Germany
Made in Germany
  • 27283
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NatureHolic - PurZeolite

NatureHolic - PurZeolite

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