Yellow pennywort , Lysimachia nummularia aurea - 1 bunch

Yellow pennywort , Lysimachia nummularia aurea - 1 bunch

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Product information
Yellow pennywort , Lysimachia nummularia aurea - 1 bunch
Growth rate: fast
Light requirements: little
C02: without CO2 fertilization
Basin placement: Middle ground
Type: Confederation
Origin: Europe
Genus: Lysimachia


  • Genus: Lysimachia
  • Family: Primulaceae
  • Country of origin: Europe, Cultivar
  • Height: 15-35 cm
  • Temperature: 15-26 ºC
  • Recommended habitat: middle ground, background
  • Growth: medium
  • Propagation: head cuttings

Yellow Pennywort , Lysimachia nummularia aurea

Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea', the yellow Pennywort, is a cultivated form of Lysimachia nummularia, the normal Pennywort. Pennywort is found almost everywhere in Europe, but is also native to North America. In nature it is found in damp meadows or on banks. Popular it the pennywort not only in aquaristics, but also in the garden, for example, also as a plant for the pond border. The yellow pennywort does not occur in the wild, it is a pure cultivated form.

Yellow Pennywort- A tolerant and undemanding underwater plant

Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' is a plant that has few requirements for its keeping and environment. It thrives in hard as well as in soft water, tolerates temperatures between 15 and 26 °C and a PH value between 6 and 8. Also the yellow pennywort can get along with little light and without CO², in better light conditions and under the addition of CO² however the plant pleases the aquarist with a beautiful growth.

The growth !

With a height of up to 35 cm, the plant is suitable for both the middle and background. Its growth is moderately fast, growing more vertically upwards, forming less of a bush. In its vertical growth, it also likes to break the water surface sometimes, depending on the size of the tank. The pennywort belongs to the primrose family. Propagation is done by head cuttings. To do this, simply cut off the upper part of the plant and replant. It can often be observed that yellow pennywort also forms many aerial roots, but usually only a few side shoots.

The yellow pennywort as an indicator plant

Sufficient nitrate and micronutrients are very important for healthy plant growth here. If deficiency symptoms occur, the growth of Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' usually stagnates very quickly. However, if sufficient NO³ is present, the pennywort forms beautiful and robust leaves that shine in rich colors. Therefore, the yellow pennywort is often considered an indicator plant, because by observing its growth, some values in the water can be well assessed.

An enrichment for every aquarium

If the plant is doing well, the leaves show themselves robust and in light green to golden tones. Thus, the plant quickly becomes a real eye-catcher and a small but fine optical highlight in the home aquarium.

Our recommendation: For a splendid plant growth we recommend the premium nutrient medium when setting up a new aquarium NatureHolic GroundBooster

  • 5411

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Yellow pennywort , Lysimachia nummularia aurea - 1 bunch

Yellow pennywort , Lysimachia nummularia aurea - 1 bunch

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