Blue Bolt Shrimp - Taiwan Shrimp - Shadow Bee - Caridina sp.
Blue Bolt Shrimp - Taiwan Shrimp - Shadow Bee - Caridina sp.
Blue Bolt Shrimp - Taiwan Shrimp - Shadow Bee - Caridina sp.
Blue Bolt Shrimp - Taiwan Shrimp - Shadow Bee - Caridina sp.
Blue Bolt Shrimp - Taiwan Shrimp - Shadow Bee - Caridina sp.
Blue Bolt Shrimp - Taiwan Shrimp - Shadow Bee - Caridina sp.
  • attractively colored high breeding form
  • rich blue body color
  • rather for advanced fishers
  • prefers soft water

Blue Bolt Shrimp - Taiwan Shrimp - Shadow Bee - Caridina sp.

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Product information
Blue Bolt Shrimp - Taiwan Shrimp - Shadow Bee - Caridina sp.
Rich white and deep blue - the Blue Bolt shrimp is in a class of its own! The pretty animals can be kept quite well with prior knowledge and even bred, but they are due to their higher sensitivity but rather something for more experienced shrimp keepers, although in this direction by the specially developed for bee shrimp and shadow shrimp hardening salts and active grounds (soils) has already done a lot and the attitude is much easier than at the beginning. - Garnelio
Propagation: possible in fresh water
Water values: soft
Origin: German offspring
Difficulty: for professionals
Coloring: blue white

The Blue Bolt shr imp belongs as a color variant of the Taiwan shrimp or Shadow shrimp to a currently very sought-after breeding form. The Blue Bolt Shrimp has a white cover color, in which the deep blue body color shimmers through with varying intensity. Often the head and breastplate, the carapace, is more densely colored and thus appears almost completely white, while the abdomen is more blue, sometimes the animals are more evenly colored. The Blue Bolt appeared relatively early in the Taiwan shrimp. One theory says that the Shadow shrimp originated from a mutation, another one assumes a possible crossbreeding with Tiger shrimp.

At 2.5 cm, the females remain relatively small, while the males only grow to about 2 cm. They are also slightly smaller and slimmer than the females, which appear a bit plumper with their belly pouches extended downward.

The Blue Bolt shrimp likes oxygen-rich, rather cool and very clean water. They cannot usually be kept in tap water and certainly cannot be propagated. As for all Taiwan shrimp, it is recommended for Blue Bolt shrimp to use osmosis water or demineralized water(deionized water) remineralized with special hardening salt. The rather sensitive Blue Bolt shrimp should also be kept on an active soil that stabilizes the water values in an optimal range for them. A water change of 10 to 30% per week has proven to be beneficial.

The Blue Bolt Shrimp does not need heating, but may need cooling, especially in the summer, as temperatures in the aquarium should not permanently exceed 25 °C. Higher temperatures can cause oxygen depletion and higher bacterial growth - both of which are extremely detrimental to Taiwan shrimp.

If the keeping conditions are right, the Blue Bolt shrimp is not that difficult to breed. After three to four weeks the female releases 20 to 40 young from the eggs she carried attached under her abdomen during this gestation period. Like all Shadow shrimp, Blue Bolt shrimp juveniles are relatively small and very sedentary. Feeding sparingly but regularly with dust food has proven successful for rearing, as this allows the food particles to land anywhere in the aquarium and be found quickly.

Blue Bolt shrimp are omnivores and will gladly take all kinds of food. We recommend in any case rather vegetable food and twice a week a suitable protein food. Blue Bolt shrimp like to graze on brown autumn leaves , which can be left in the aquarium as permanent food. It does not affect the water values negatively.

As group animals Blue Bolt shrimp are quite peaceful. They can be well socialized with other shrimps - mainly bee shrimps. Possibly different requirements to the water values must be absolutely considered! Since the Blue Bolt Shrimp does not reproduce as strongly as other species and is quite sensitive, you should treat it to a pure shrimp tank in any case. The socialization with peaceful snails can work. Under no circumstances should they be kept together with fish, crabs, freshwater crabs, predatory snails and mussels .

Our food recommendation: NatureHolic's soft mainfeed softpads are designed for daily feeding. They contain all the nutrients shrimp need for shell development, egg formation and growth. During the production we pay attention to a gentle and environmentally friendly production, in which the vitamins and other valuable ingredients are preserved as far as possible.

Our plant recommendation: Use for the planting NatureHolic InVitros. These are free of snails, planaria and other unwanted co-inhabitants. Also free of algae spores, bacteria and fungi.

Expert Tip: We recommend for fish keeping the NatureHolic 3 Phase Liquid. The care set offers the best all-round protection for your animals. It ensures optimal conditions for successful breeding and keeping.

Scientific name: Caridina sp.
German Name: Blue Bolt Shrimp (Taiwan Shrimp / Shadow Bee)
Difficulty level: for professionals
Origin/Distribution: Breeding form from Taiwan
Coloration: blue body color, white top color that allows the blue to show through
Age expectancy: 18 to 24 months
Water parameters: GH 3 to 10, KH 0 to 3, pH 5 to 7.5, temperature 15 to 25 °C
Tank size: 10 l and up, but we recommend a size of at least 20 l
Food: Protein food 1 to 2x weekly, otherwise rather vegetable(Natureholic Mainfeed)
Propagation: relatively easy, after four to six weeks 20 to 40 young hatch
Behavior: peaceful
Socialization: pure shrimp tanks should be preferred
Further information Foliage for the aquarium + foliage list, Feed shrimp, crayfish, snails & mussels properly, 10 tips for budding aquarists
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30 Jun 2019



24 Jan 2019

Die Farben sind in echt s...

Die Farben sind in echt sogar schöner als abgebildet!

24 Jan 2019

Außergewöhnliche Farben...

Außergewöhnliche Farben und viel schöner als abgebildet!

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Blue Bolt Shrimp - Taiwan Shrimp - Shadow Bee - Caridina sp.

Blue Bolt Shrimp - Taiwan Shrimp - Shadow Bee - Caridina sp.

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Question: "ist es jets in diese kalte jahres seit auch immer noch möglich garnelen nach die Niederlande zu schicken? Danke fur die antworth fg, Petra"

from Lou (Garnelio)
from Lou (Garnelio)
Guten Tag Frau van den Berg, es ist möglich in die Niederlande zu senden. Erfahrungsgemäß treten dabei keine Probleme auf, wir versenden ein einer dicker Styroporbox und packen Heatpacks dazu, welche die Temperatur im Paket aufrecht erhalten. Liebe Grüße Lou

Question: "Hallo liebes Garnelio Team. Ich halte alle meine Caridina auf aufgesalzenem Osmose Wasser auf neutralem Bodengrund, KEIN Soil, da ich damit schon so meine Erfahrungen gemacht habe. Kämen die Blue Bolt auch mit neutralem Boden klar? Meine Werte sind PH 6,0, Kh 0, GH 5, Temperatur 21 bis 22 Grad . LG "

from Lou (Garnelio)
from Lou (Garnelio)
Guten Tag Frau Hehn, die Blue Bolts haben mit Ihren Wert kein Problem, sie kommen auch mit neutralem Boden klar! Liebe Grüße Lou

16.01.2020 Question: "Hallo, Sind die Blue Bolts alle so blau wie auf den Bildern? Ich habe selbst einen sehr blauen Stamm, brauche aber frisches Blut. Danke schon mal. MfG Leon"

from Lou (Garnelio)
from Lou (Garnelio)

Du erhältst Tiere , die so ausehen wie auf den Prouktbildern, da es Individuen sind, können sich sich geringfügig unterscheiden.

Liebe Grüße, Lou

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30 Jun 2019



24 Jan 2019

Die Farben sind in echt s...

Die Farben sind in echt sogar schöner als abgebildet!

24 Jan 2019

Außergewöhnliche Farben...

Außergewöhnliche Farben und viel schöner als abgebildet!

24 Oct 2018



24 Mar 2018

Bestellung war schon am 29.03.2017

Erste Bestellung und auch die beste Qualität (siehe Bestelldatum). Bei der Konkurrenz hatte meine Frau immer was zu meckern. Leider habe ich das Angebot der Blue Bee Garnele - Paracaridina sp. Blue Bee verpasst. Aber hier bestelle ich gerne wieder.

8 Mar 2018

Tolle Farbgebung

Alle 5 Wirbellose sind sicher und lebendig angekommen. Die Farben sind toll, schönes Weiß und ein tolles Blau. Klein sind sie, aber wunderschön.

12 Jan 2018

ich habe 5 sehr agile Garnelen erhalten und bin absolut neugierig wie sie aussehen werden wenn sie sich farblich voll entwickelt haben.

Es sind sehr schöne Tiere und ich werde hier sicherlich wieder einkaufen. Sie waren prima verpackt und wurden schnell verschickt. Alles genau wie es sein sollte. Herzlichen Dank

3 Dec 2017


25 May 2015

Gutes ...


16 May 2015

Garnelen kamen sicher ver...

Garnelen kamen sicher verpackt und lebendig bei mir an. Alles bestens, bestelle gerne wieder bei Ihnen.

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