Amano shrimps in the aquarium

The Amano shrimp is an excellent algae eater for the aquarium and delights with its funny and lively behaviour. Here you can find out everything about these great shrimps - how to keep them in the aquarium, the right way to feed them, where they come from and what varieties... Read more »

About shrimp health

What does a healthy shrimp actually look like and how does it behave? These criteria are important for judging whether your shrimp are doing well and whether they feel comfortable. As small as the animals are, they can definitely make themselves known if there are problems. Read more »

Excursus: Genetics and color forms of Necoaridina

One of the most popular dwarf shrimp are and will probably remain the Neocaridina. Especially favored by beginners, they are not only available in almost all colors, but are also very easy to maintain and breed. In contrast to Caridina, however, not always new patterns and... Read more »

Sucking worms in dwarf shrimp in the aquarium

Neocaridina shrimp in particular sometimes show white "fuzz" on the rostrum on the head or white dots in the gill chamber that can be seen on the side of the head/breast carapace in transparent species - sucker worms, often called gill worms. Are they bad? What do you need or... Read more »
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