Japankoi Hosokai color mix - Cyprinus Carpio - 14-16 cm
  • annual nishikigoi
  • high japanese quality
  • genuine Hosokai Tosai
  • colorful mix

Japankoi Hosokai color mix - Cyprinus Carpio - 14-16 cm

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Product information
Japankoi Hosokai color mix - Cyprinus Carpio - 14-16 cm
With the colorful Japan Koi color mix you attract all eyes on you! The beautiful animals from the house Hosokai have a high quality and accompany you for a long time. - Garnelio

With the great Japan Koi color mix from the renowned breeder Hosokai, you can count on high-quality fish that will give your pond that certain something. Like other koi or goldfish, they also belong to the Cyprinus carpio breeding species, which have a long tradition. Tosai are annual Nishikigoi with a size between 10-28 cm.

Here you can get a Japankoi Hosokai Tosai, which will be shipped depending on availability from the following color forms: Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Shusui, Asagi, Kujaku, Doitsu Showa, Shiro Utsuri, Gin Rin Showa, Goromo, Kawarimono

In the pond, your Japan Koi is a very sociable companion and should be kept with four other conspecifics of the same size, if possible. The particular variety does not matter. However, the pond should contain 1-3 cubic meters of water per fish to keep it in balance. 12-15,000 liters are quite recommendable. Regular maintenance is also a must. Therefore, check the water values regularly with a meaningful water test to take the wind out of the sails of incipient problems in advance and to maintain the well-being of your animals.

A good pond filter, if necessary even with a UVC clarifier, also helps you to keep the pond water clean and healthy and to kill germs that could harm your precious pets. Algae are also kept in check by this light therapy. To prevent your pond from freezing in winter, a pond depth of 120-200 centimeters is recommended, and ice freezers or pond heaters also do a good job of ensuring gas exchange. In summer, the oxygen content in the water decreases with rising temperatures, which is why so-called pond oxidizers or outflow stones are recommended.

The socialization with other pond fish is in and of itself no problem. Especially rudd, gudgeon, but also roach are just as suitable as grass carp, gudgeon or moderlieschen. These not only eat the koi food, they also tolerate potential medicinal therapies better. The sturgeon, however, is more of a troublemaker, as it does not hibernate like your koi, but rather makes its rounds and can thus endanger the health of your fish if they are unable to maintain their hibernation. Sturgeon food is also unsuitable for feeding Koi, as it can lead to liver and kidney disease. Hibernation in a cold water aquarium is possible, but is not recommended due to potential developmental delays. Unsuitable, however, are also by-fish with spines, such as sticklebacks and sunfish, as well as bitterlings.

The koi pond should have shallow water zones equipped with spawning brushes or fine plants. These warm up due to the outside temperature and sunlight, which is why the females seek them out to spawn. They have to lay their spawn regularly, so that it does not form a so-called spawn hardening, from which the animals could fall ill. Nevertheless, an uncontrolled overpopulation is rather not to be feared, since your Koi are quite good spawn predators and also pursue their offspring.

As omnivores, they will dig in the bottom mud for food, as is typical for carp, and prefer to eat leeches, worms and other small crustaceans. They can also be spoiled with silkworms, mealworms and koi sticks, but also sometimes with scalded fruit and vegetables. However, in order to prevent nutrient deficiencies or organ fatty degeneration, the animals should be fed with a good koi food, which is designed for their species and needs, taking into account the season. Occasionally your darlings also feed on soft-leaved pond plants, which should be replenished at regular intervals to maintain the necessary vegetation in the pond and the associated balance.

Scientific name: Cyprinus carpio (LINNAEUS, 1758)
German name: Japankoi Hosokai Farbix 14-16 cm
Difficulty level: for beginners
Origin/distribution: Europe
Scope of delivery: depending on availability: Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Shusui, Asagi, Kujaku, Doitsu Showa, Shiro Utsuri, Gin Rin Showa, Goromo, Kawarimono
Age expectation: 60 years
Pond size: at least 5 cubic meters for five fish, 1000 liters for each additional koi
Food: Omnivorous, plants, insect larvae, insects, worms, crustaceans, special koi food
Breeding: relatively difficult in the pond
Behavior: peaceful
Group size: from 5 animals
Further information:
  • 29269
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Japankoi Hosokai color mix - Cyprinus Carpio - 14-16 cm

Japankoi Hosokai color mix - Cyprinus Carpio - 14-16 cm

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Question: "Handelt es sich hier um einen einzelnen Fisch oder mehrere Fische?"

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

Hallo Karl, vielen Dank für deine Frage! Hier kaufst du immer einen (1) Fisch pro Bestelleinheit. 

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