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Nano Carbo Elixir Bio

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Product information
Nano Carbo Elixir Bio
  • Provides all aquarium plants with readily available carbon quickly and effectively
  • With potassium, iron, manganese and boron
  • Accelerates growth
  • For lush, healthy plant growth
  • Safely displaces algae through vigorous plant growth
  • Visible success after only a few weeks
  • Can be used with or without additional carbon dioxide fertilization
  • Biologically compatible for all aquarium inhabitants (fish, shrimps, crayfish, snails, etc.) when properly dosed and applied



Carbon (carbon dioxide) is the most important nutrient for aquarium plants. About 40% of the plant dry matter consists of it, which is however in short supply in the aquarium . The result: poor plant growth. And when plants grow poorly, the unloved algae get their chance.

Nano Carbo Elixier Bio   supplies all aquarium plants quickly and effectively with readily available carbon.
All plants, from mosses to echinodors and cryptocorynes to fast-growing stem plants, become fuller and stronger. The leaves become significantly larger and more colorful. Success is visible after just a few weeks - watch the shoot tips and young leaves.

The lush, healthy growth increases the plants' ability to compete with algae. Unwanted algae will be pushed back as a result. The entire aquarium appears healthier, greener and more beautiful.



The basis of plant metabolism is photosynthesis. In this biochemical process, solar energy is "captured" and stored in energy-rich carbon compounds. One such energy-rich compound is sugar. These compounds are used by the plant (a) as a universal source of energy or (b) to produce other compounds. To stay with the sugar example: The plant can "re-burn" the sugar in its cells and use the released energy to drive other metabolic processes. Or it can process the sugar into cellulose, for example. Cellulose, also known as wood pulp, is the substance that gives trees their strength and consists of nothing other than long sugar chains.

How can the plant convert substances into each other?
The central hub in plant metabolism is the so-called citric acid cycle. The citric acid cycle is like a factory. Here, the most diverse substances are introduced in order to produce the required substances. With the help of this metabolic pathway, the plant can produce all vital carbon compounds itself: Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, secondary plant substances, etc.



And this is where Nano Carbo Elixier Bio comes into play. The product contains selected active ingredients that are also found in plant metabolism in this or a similar form. The active ingredients are absorbed by the plant and used in the cells as a building material to build higher compounds or used as a source of energy. This additional supply  enables the plant to grow faster and more vigorously.

In addition, there is another positive effect: All organic agents based on carbon are bacterially degradable, because the numerous filter bacteria in the aquarium feed on it. In the end, only carbon dioxide (CO2) and water remain.

Nano Carbo Elixier Bio thus supplies the plants with vital carbon via 2 paths.

The effect is already visible after a few weeks of regular use: The plants grow faster, lusher and healthier, algae are pushed back.

  • 2657
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Customer questions and answers
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Nano Carbo Elixir Bio

Nano Carbo Elixir Bio

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Question: "Hallo Muss man zusätzlich noch Nano tagesdünger von dennerle benutzen? Im moment benutze ich nur den nano tagesdünger LG A.Voss"

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

Mit dem Carbo Elixier von Dennerle haben Sie bereits einen Schritt in die richtige Richtung gemacht, wenn Sie Ihren Wasserpflanzen etwas Gutes tun wollen. Bedenken Sie allerdings, dass alles, das lebt, auch etwas essen will, gleich ob Pflanze oder Tier. Mit dem Carbo führen Sie Ihren Pflanzen Kohlenstoff zu, welches diese zur Photosynthese benötigen und dadurch ebenfalls wieder lebensnotwendigen Sauerstoff für Ihre Aquarienbewohner produzieren. 

Wie Sie bereits richtig erkannt haben, wäre der Tagesdünger empfehlenswert, um den Bedarf sämtlicher Nährstoffe der Pflanzen zu decken. Theoretisch können Sie sich vorstellen, dass auch Sie eine einseitige Ernährung nicht lange ohne Mangelerscheinungen vertragen würden. Gönnen Sie Ihren Pflanzen daher ruhig "etwas Futter"! Sie werden es Ihnen mit prächtige Farben und einem noch tolleren Wuchs danken!

Liebe Grüße, Kevin

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