Oranda Tricolor - Carassius auratus auratus - 10-12 cm
  • Breeding form of the silver crucian carp
  • Sociable group fish
  • For the garden pond
  • Beautiful coloration
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Oranda Tricolor - Carassius auratus auratus - 10-12 cm

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Product information
Oranda Tricolor - Carassius auratus auratus - 10-12 cm
Tricolor oranda look like they came out of a Chinese woodcut. These really very special pond fish enchant in the goldfish pond by their colors, their elegant long fins and by their funny "hat" on the head. The classic colors of orange-red, black and silver-white look simply beautiful in the garden pond. - Garnelio

These beautiful tricolor veiltail goldfish with caps on the head are called Oranda Tricolor. They are characterized by their piebald coloration in red-orange, black and white. Oranda have a bubbly cap of fatty tissue on their head, but it does not bother them in any way. Their bipartite caudal fin displays a veil shape. The body shape of the Oranda Tricolor is a bit more stocky than other goldfish, the animals also grow only 25-30 cm. Here you can buy Oranda Tricolor goldfish with a length of 10 to 12 cm.

Our gregarious Oranda tricolor belong to the species Carassius auratus auratus. Goldfish were originally bred out of the Chinese silver crucian carp, also called gable, but now represent their own subspecies. Oranda Tricolor, like all veiltail forms, are somewhat more warmth-dependent than other goldfish varieties. They should not be hibernated in a pond over the winter, but in an aquarium at about 13 °C water temperature, ideally a frost-free garage or an unheated basement. A too warm hibernation can have a negative effect on the life expectancy, which is 20-40 years for the Oranda Tricolor if kept well.

The garden pond should have a volume of at least 4 cubic meters for keeping a group of five Oranda or a mixed group of five goldfish and should be located in partial shade so that the water does not heat up strongly. In summer, an oxydator for garden ponds or an air pump will help oxygenate the water during high temperatures. We cannot recommend less than five goldfish for keeping in the garden pond, the social fish need the security that only a group of conspecifics - regardless of color and fin shape - can give them.

If you want to breed Oranda Tricolor in the garden pond, you must take into account that all goldfish are strong spawn predators and also snack on young fish. Therefore, a pond in which goldfish are to breed needs zones with shallow water, densely planted. Here the young fish, which are always dark-colored in goldfish, can hide and the table is always richly set for them. Only at the age of about two years they change color and then show their beautiful adult coloration.

The goldfish mating season begins when the water in the goldfish pond warms up again in the spring. Because goldfish are free spawners, mating takes place in open water: The female goldfish releases the spawn to the water, where the male fertilizes the eggs that sink to the bottom. The fish larvae hatch after a few days.

Oranda Tricolor Goldfish do not only eat spawn and fish larvae, as very typical omnivores they also go for algae, dying plant remains and soft water plants as well as gladly for insect larvae (for example gladly for mosquito lar vae in the garden pond), worms, insects and smaller crustaceans. Especially in heavily stocked goldfish ponds you can reduce the amount of herbivory by feeding them a good goldfish food. Please feed only as much as your goldfish eat directly! This will help you avoid water pollution and the associated algae plagues.

Scientific name Carassius auratus auratus
German Name: Goldfish
Difficulty level: for beginners
Origin/Distribution: China
Coloration: tricolor: orange-red, black, silver-white, with cap on head, juveniles dark
Age expectancy 40 years
Pond size: at least 4 cubic meters for five fish, an additional 800 liters for each additional goldfish
Food Omnivorous, algae, plants, insect larvae, insects, worms, crustaceans, special goldfish food
Breeding relatively difficult in the pond
Behavior Diurnal
Group size from five fish
  • 10332

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Oranda Tricolor - Carassius auratus auratus - 10-12 cm

Oranda Tricolor - Carassius auratus auratus - 10-12 cm

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