Sexy Shrimp - Thor amboinensis
Sexy Shrimp - Thor amboinensis
  • cute appearance
  • lives in symbiosis
  • suitable for nano reef
  • breedable
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Sexy Shrimp - Thor amboinensis

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Product information
Sexy Shrimp - Thor amboinensis
Tails in the air! With their funny pose Sexy Nano Shrimps provide a good mood and a smile on the lips. What's more, they are wonderful to keep in mini reefs and are perfect for a beautiful invertebrate aquarium. Their cute spots and white wiggly eyes make them one of the most popular marine shrimp. With a little patience they can even be bred! - Garnelio

Dancing through the aquarium with their tails raised, Sexy Nano Shrimp, Thor amboiensis, are cute little marine shrimp that are easy to care for even in a nano aquarium. A small decapod shrimp, it comes from the cleaner and marble shrimp family(Hippolytidae). The invertebrate, also known as hollow-cross shrimp, has a circumtropical range and is found at depths up to 60 meters and maintains a symbiotic relationship with anemones of the genus Heteractis. It is quite easy to care and insensitive and is therefore also suitable for beginners.

Especially their body posture due to the conspicuously upstretched abdomen brought them the names hollow cross shr imp and sexy shrimp. In the basic color it is brown-orange, on its body are many white conspicuously purple shaded spots and spots, which are partly light blue lined. It also has a white tail fan tip and white eyes. At just 1-2 inches, they remain quite small.

Sexy Nano Shrimp marine shrimp are separately sexual, with males remaining slightly smaller. They can be distinguished externally in sex by the arrangement of the spots. They can be reproduced in the aquarium. The female carries the eggs under her swimming leg pairs.

Thor amboiensis can already be kept well in mini reefs from 54 liters, but it also cuts a good figure in community aquariums. However, due to its tiny size it is quickly regarded as live food, so it should not be socialized with too large fish or other invertebrate-eating shrimp such as the banded scissor shrimp or the white banded cleaner shrimp. With snails or hermit crabs it spices up a nano aquarium wonderfully. Since it lives in symbiosis with anemones of the genus Heteractis in its habitat, this should also be present. Like all invertebrates, the Nano Sexy Shrimp is sensitive to copper residue from drug treatments and to density fluctuations. It should therefore be carefully acclimated drop by drop with a Acclimation set to acclimate it. At regular intervals it also becomes too "tight" in the skin and she sheds her skin. Often it is not to be seen during this time, because it retreats to caves or hiding places for this purpose. The stripped exuvia is eventually eaten and can remain in the aquarium. It also needs minerals to harden its shell. Their water values should be carefully monitored and adjusted, especially after regular partial water changes. To keep them permanently in the optimal range, it is worthwhile to use a Test sets for seawater. With average water parameters with a density of 1.023 and a pH between 7.8-8.3, the Hollow Shrimp can be well maintained.

Sexy Nano Shrimp are omnivores that should be fed well in the aquarium. They do have a reputation for eating polyps, but they can certainly be discouraged from doing so with a varied diet. They can be fed well with crushed flake food, but also with small live and Frozen foods like cyclops, copepods and nauplii.

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Special feature: Parasites

Scientific name: Thor amboiensis
German Name: Sexy shrimp, hollow back shrimp
Difficulty level: for beginners
Origin/Distribution: circumtropical
Coloration: white spots on brown-orange ground color
Age expectancy approx. 2 years
Water parameters: Salinity: 35 g/l, density: 1.023, KH 7-9 °dKH, pH 7.8-8.3, calcium: 400-430 mg/l, magnesium: 1,250-1,350 mg/l, temperature 24-26 °C
Tank size: 54 l and up
Food Omnivorous, flake food, small live and frozen food such as cyclops, copepods, nauplii
Breeding medium
Behavior very peaceful
Group size at least 3 animals
Further information:  
  • 27212

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Sexy Shrimp - Thor amboinensis

Sexy Shrimp - Thor amboinensis

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Question: "Guten Tag, ich würde gerne wissen ob es sich bei den Garnelen um Nachzuchten oder Wildfänge handelt?!"

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

Hallo Nick, vielen Dank fuer deine Frage! Unsere Meerwassertiere sind Nachzuchten. 

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