Golden Paradise Snail - Marisa cornuarietis
Golden Paradise Snail - Marisa cornuarietis
  • noble looking apple snail
  • unicolored shell
  • very good reproduction
  • ideal for community aquariums
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TGA Golden Paradise Snail - Marisa cornuarietis

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Product information
Golden Paradise Snail - Marisa cornuarietis
The Golden Paradise Snail is a beautiful variant of the impressive striped Paradise Snail Marisa cornuarietis, which looks very noble with its monochromatic bright shell. As a "lawnmower snail" it is also very suitable for plantless aquariums. Its good reproduction rate also makes it a suitable snail for crayfish aquariums - even in the presence of predators, a basic population is usually maintained. - Garnelio

The unusual looking Golden Paradise Snail is not a posthorn snail, as one might think from its shape, but it belongs to the apple snails. Marisa cornuarietis originates from Central America and northern South America. With up to 5 cm shell diameter the paradise snail becomes very large. The golden form has no stripe pattern, but has a noble looking uniform light beige to golden colored shell. Its body is light gray and is covered with countless small dark spots.

The Golden Paradise Snail does indeed eat healthy plants - not all apple snails do. It will also go after plants with hard foliage such as Anubias and ferns. If you give it a lot of vegetables and foliage, you can curb this tendency a little, but there is no guarantee that the aquarium will not be eaten empty at some point. Paradise snails in a community aquarium are usually not satisfied with the leftovers of fish food etc., they have to be fed additionally. However, Marisa cornuarietis is not picky about food, it eats everything from flake food to vegetables (washed and peeled) to frozen food. Paradise snails are not pure herbivores, they are very fond of food of animal origin. They are very happy about a calcium supplement such as cuttlebone. Paradise snails grow quite fast and can make the water very soft, as they extract the calcium necessary for shell growth from the water. The Golden Paradise Snails should therefore also receive calcium from their food, so that they do not have to cover their calcium requirements from the water alone and the water thus becomes too soft and too acidic.

The metabolism of the paradise snail is very active, as with all apple snails, and also because of their size the aquarium should not be smaller than 54 liters. Per apple snail you should also calculate 10 l aquarium capacity. Filterless aquariums cannot be recommended for Paradise Snails.

The Golden Paradise Snail is a very active snail, which moves also during the day through the whole aquarium and can be observed wonderfully.  Golden Paradise Snails are very peaceful and also robust apple snails, and they can be socialized with all non-snail-eating fish and invertebrates. Even more - their extremely good reproduction rate makes them also a suitable permanent source of live food for example in crayfish aquariums or also in the water part of crab aquariums (provided that this is large enough for their requirements).

The Golden Paradise Snail is like all apple snails separately sexual, so there are male and female individuals. The sexes can be distinguished in adult Marisa cornuarientis by the shape of the operculum (the lid) at the base. To the right side of the head, the penis can sometimes be seen in males, and the sexual opening in females. To the left of the head is the breathing tube (sipho), which the snail uses to get air. Do not confuse Unlike most other species of apple snail, the Golden Paradise Snail lays its eggs below the water surface on hard substrates or even on plant stems. The large loose jelly packets with the very large (up to 5 mm) round eggs are very conspicuous. If you do not wish any offspring, they can simply be sucked off. Please do not dispose of them in nature, but make them harmless by freezing! Hatched young snails will grow up without further intervention of the keeper.

Our food recommendation: With the Natureholic Snail Feed Power Paste you create a feeding lawn, which is very well accepted by all growth eating snails. Even delicate wild-caught snails such as racing snails or staghorn snails, which are stressed after transport and do not go to conventional food, can be well fed up with it and highly fed.

Our plant recommendation: Use for planting NatureHolic InVitros. These are free of snails, planaria and other unwanted co-inhabitants. Also free of algae spores, bacteria and fungi.

Expert Tip: We recommend when keeping fish the NatureHolic 3 Phase Liquid. The care set offers the best all-round protection for your animals. It ensures optimal conditions for successful breeding and keeping.

Actively prevent outbreaks: With the invisible Natureholic snail barrier you prevent the escape and loss of your snails from the aquarium.

Scientific name: Marisa cornuarietis (Linnaeus, 1758)
German Name: Golden paradise snail, golden giant post horn snail
Difficulty level: suitable for beginners
Origin/Distribution: Central and South America
Coloration: Shell cream to light yellow
Age expectancy: up to 3 years
Water parameters: pH above 6.5, KH 3-22, temperature 20 to 28 °C
Tank size: from 54 l, we also recommend 10 l of water volume per snail
Food: Snail feed, food remains, algae cover and growth, algae plates, brown autumn leaves, vegetable chips
Reproduction: very good reproduction in fresh water
Behavior: peaceful, voracious herbivore
Socialization: with shrimp, dwarf crabs, with peaceful fish, possibly with crabs and shrimp as a live food source
Further information: Remove racing snail eggs in the aquarium, NatureHolic Booster - liquid food for shrimp, snails and mussels, Autumn leaves in the aquarium - treats for shrimp & co
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Golden Paradise Snail - Marisa cornuarietis

Golden Paradise Snail - Marisa cornuarietis

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