Synodontis polly white - 4-6cm
Synodontis polly white - 4-6cm
Synodontis polly white - 4-6cm
  • 4-6 cm large
  • interesting color variation
  • German offspring
  • active bottom dweller
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Synodontis polly white - 4-6cm

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Product information
Synodontis polly white - 4-6cm
The Polli White is a bit of a rarity and has not yet been fully described. This great featherbeard catfish not only looks good, it is also active and maintains a hierarchy, so you always have action in the aquarium. You can also breed it and socialize it with other fish, so you can hardly get away from your eye-catchers. - Garnelio
Final size: 8-12 cm
Fish group: Catfish
with crabs?: No
Temperature: 22-28 °C
Behavior: Active
with fish?: Yes, with peaceful fish
with snails/shells?: No
Water values: Medium hard water
Pelvic region: Below
Breeding: medium
with shrimps?: Socialization not possible
Difficulty: 2 - Normal
Diet: omnivorous - omnivorous
Visual effect: Especially colorful
Planting possible?: Yes
Origin: Africa
Feature: dynamic group behavior
with large crabs?: No
with dwarf crabs?: No
Age Expectancy: 3-5 years

The Synodontis polli white is a real eye-catcher in the aquarium and yet causes some questions, because it is clearly different from the rather well-known Synodontis polly, which belongs to the African cuckoo catfish. Even though both names are often mixed together, there are still differences. The Polli White is an offspring that was actively bred to be white and has a bicolor dorsal fin, among other things.

You will get fish from us that are about 4-6 cm in size.

The original breeding animals of the Polli White came from Lake Tanganyika near Mpulunga in Zambia and were selectively bred further. They do not belong to the cuckoo catfishes as assumed and have not been described so far. It is remarkable that these featherbeard catfishes reach a maximum of 8-10 centimeters and do not require any by-fish for breeding, as is usually the case. Adults show a hump on the occiput in some places.

Keep your Polly White in a group, as they are very social and maintain a certain hierarchy. The animals are quite active, so you will see them frequently. The sexes differ mainly in terms of size, as females will be a bit stockier than males and also a bit larger. It also has a hardened dorsal and ventral fin, so you should be a little careful when netting it.

You should equip an aquarium from 80 cm with a sandy bottom and structure it with rock and stone structures that prevent it from falling over, so that shelters are created. You can also offer them smaller tubes or caves. You can keep them well at a pH-value around 7,5-8,5, they need a temperature between 23-28 °C.

A socialization of your Pollies with African barbs, tetras or smaller cichlids from Lake Malawi is quite possible, but you should better avoid invertebrates like crayfish or shrimps.

Your omnivores can easily be fed with catfish food, but they will also clean up with leftover food and even deceased tank mates. They may also feed on the fry of other fish. A balanced menu that includes live and frozen foods will contribute to their well-being.

Our food recommendation: NatureHolic Cichfeed is a great staple food for all carnivorous cichlids in the aquarium, perfectly meeting their dietary requirements. The tasty pearls are also very well eaten by larger cichlids. Thanks to their soft texture, NatureHolic Cichfeed food pearls are gentle on the mouth and can be eaten very well by the fish.

Our plant recommendation: Use for planting NatureHolic InVitros. These are free of snails, planaria and other unwanted co-inhabitants. Also free of algae spores, bacteria and fungi.

Expert Tip: We recommend when keeping fish the NatureHolic 3 Phase Liquid. The care set offers the best all-round protection for your animals. It ensures optimal conditions for successful breeding and keeping.

Scientific name: Synodontis polli white (undescribed)
German Name: Polli White
Difficulty level: advanced
Origin/Distribution: Africa: Lake Tanganyika
Coloration: white base color with black markings
Age expectancy: unknown
Water parameters: GH 0-15, KH 0 to 4, pH 7,5-8,5, temperature 23-27 °C
Tank size: from 80 cm for 5 animals
Food: Omnivorous, varied diet necessary. Catfish tablets, catfish chips, also live and frozen food: mosquito larvae, artemia, daphnia, grindal, enchytraea
Breeding: possible
Behavior: territorial and territorial in places
Group size: at least 5 animals
Further information: Ten typical aquarium fish for beginners and alternatives to them, Tips for acclimating fish to the aquarium, Feeding aquarium fish properly - cheap food and what it can do
  • 30026

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Synodontis polly white - 4-6cm

Synodontis polly white - 4-6cm

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