Crab crab - Aegla platensis
Crab crab - Aegla platensis
Crab crab - Aegla platensis
Crab crab - Aegla platensis
Crab crab - Aegla platensis
  • Rarity
  • folded tail
  • very good snail eater
  • for cold water aquaria
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Crab crab - Aegla platensis

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Product information
Crab crab - Aegla platensis
Rarely kept, but still very fascinating is the crab crab. The animals are extremely peaceful and even inhabit larger caves together. Breeding in the aquarium has already been successful. The animals absolutely do not tolerate high temperatures, so in summer the aquarium must definitely be cooled. Then nothing more stands in the way of a successful attitude. - Garnelio

Aegla platensis belong to the crab family, also called Anomura. These are crustaceans that grow to a maximum of 4 cm and have a peculiarly shortened tail that lies under the abdomen similar to crabs, but it is only folded in half and thus appears longer. The last, much reduced pair of legs is carried under this folded abdomen and is used by females to clean and care for the eggs. For this purpose it is equipped with a small pair of scissors. The sexual orifices of the males are at the base of the 5th pair of legs, those of the females at the base of the 3rd pair of legs. Difficult to see due to the folded tail.

Crab crabs are very peaceful and relatively easy to keep. Aegla platensis prefer fine gravel or sand in which they can burrow, hiding places of stones and roots are also readily accepted. The animals are rather nocturnal, especially in the beginning. Their flat body structure is a characteristic for a rather hidden way of life. Plants are not eaten by the crabs, so the keeping is also possible in planted aquariums. It is best to keep Aegla platensis in an unheated indoor aquarium, the temperature should not exceed 24 °C permanently. In summer the aquarium should be cooled.

Aegla platensis is a skillful climber and lives in nature partly above the water level in very humid environment, the aquarium must therefore be covered absolutely tight.

Crab crabs are avid omnivores and will readily accept crab, crayfish and shrimp foods . Foliage and vegetables are also readily eaten. They are not active hunters, so can be socialized with small fish and invertebrates without problems. However, crabs show a very special preference for snails, they like to crack and consume posthorn snails & co. in large numbers.

Reproduction in the aquarium is possible. Females are reported to carry eggs for about 10 weeks before releasing up to 50 fully developed young.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to specify a sex when ordering.

Our plant recommendation: Use for planting NatureHolic InVitros. These are free of snails, planaria and other unwanted co-inhabitants. Also free of algae spores, bacteria and fungi.

Expert Tip: We recommend for fish keeping the NatureHolic 3 Phase Liquid. The care set offers the best all-round protection for your animals. It ensures optimal conditions for successful breeding and keeping.

Scientific name: Aegla platensis Schmitt, 1942
German name: Crab crab
Difficulty level: for beginners
Origin/Distribution: Southern half of South America
Coloration: brown
Age expectancy: unknown
Water parameters: GH up to 15, KH up to 15, pH 7 to 7.5, temperature up to 24 °C max
Tank size: from 45 l, better from 54 l, well structured
Food: Crab food, crab food, vegetables, frozen food, snails
Reproduction: after 10 weeks approx. 40 to 50 fully developed young crabs hatch, which need many hiding places
Behavior: peaceful
Socialization: with shrimps and peaceful fish, not with crabs and crayfish. Snails and mussels are cracked and eaten.
Further information Colorful jewels in the terrarium - land crabs of the genus Geosesarma, micro crabs, Limnopilos nayanetri - The smallest crab in the world!, Keeping mangrove crabs
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Crab crab - Aegla platensis

Crab crab - Aegla platensis

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