Vampire crab "Golden Top" - Geosesarma sp.
Vampire crab "Golden Top" - Geosesarma sp.
  • Gold colored top
  • Land crab
  • good for planted wet terrariums
  • very good climber

Vampire crab "Golden Top" - Geosesarma sp.

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Product information
Vampire crab "Golden Top" - Geosesarma sp.
A brand new, as yet undetermined small crab belonging to the genus Geosesarma is the Golden Top Crab. With their bright colors and interesting behavior, a group of these pretty little crabs will do extremely well in a planted wetland terrarium. Geosesarma sp. "Golden Top" is a land crab and does not need a deep water section, it might even drown in it. A shallow bowl with fresh water is sufficient for it, e.g. for moulting it likes to go into the water. Since the young crabs do not need salt water for development, Geosesarma sp. "Golden Top" should not be difficult to breed. - Garnelio

The Golden Top Vampire Crab belongs to the genus Geosesarma, but the exact species has not yet been determined. Like all Geosesarmidae, it is a land crab and is native to Southeast Asia. Geosesarma sp. "Golden Top" has bright red-orange colored claws and red walking legs running into dark brown towards the rear, in addition to the namesake golden yellow upper surface of the carapace. Their face is dark brown, the underside bright red. Their dorsal carapace (carapace) is up to 2.5 cm wide. The ventral valve of the males is narrow and ends in a sharp point, that of the females is broader and ends with a rounding.

Like all species from the genus Geosesarma, the Golden Top crab belongs to the specific reproductive type. Females carry quite large but few eggs, which hatch into fully developed young crabs. They do not need seawater to develop, but are immediately self-sufficient on land. Initially, the young crabs need many hiding places and very shallow, larger water bowls. If the juvenile crabs are raised separately from the adults, the survival rate is much higher.

The Golden Top Vampire Crab is an exceptionally peaceful group animal. It should not be kept singly, a small group (with excess females) is much more species-appropriate. In a species terrarium this crab feels very comfortable.

For a small group (approx. five to six crabs, pay attention to excess females) a 60 cm long wet terrarium is sufficient. Larger is of course always possible. This Geosesarma sp. is a land crab. Therefore the terrarium does not need a large, deep water part, a 6-10 cm high bowl with fresh water is sufficient, so that the animals can molt e.g. in shallow water. The humidity in the terrarium must be 75-80%, the substrate (terrarium humus or coco humus) should be kept permanently moist. Golden Top crabs do not eat plants, but you should make sure that there is room for the crabs to burrow at the bottom, because they dig living caves. An air temperature of 22 to 26 °C is optimal. Golden Top Crabs are very skilled climbers and will find any gap, so the terrarium must be tightly sealed.

All Geosesarmidae prefer mainly meaty food. The Golden Top crab accepts special crab food for carnivorous crabs well, but it also likes frozen food or freeze-dried food. Brown autumn leaves should also not be missing, it also serves as a hiding place, but is also nibbled from time to time and provides fiber. White isopods and springtails in the terrarium take care of food remains and serve as live food for the crabs, which are amazingly skillful hunters. Fruits and vegetables are very rarely taken and should be offered now and then.

Our food recommendation: Crabs in the wild tend to have a very varied diet. Most species are omnivores, and with the Natureholic Crab Feed Sticks we have taken this preference into account. They contain biologically balanced animal and vegetable components, which are also part of the natural food spectrum of omnivorous crabs in the field in such or such a similar way. The valuable ingredients of NatureHolic Crab Feed naturally support the molting, digestion, growth and reproduction of your crabs.

Our plant recommendation: For planting, use marsh plants, which are plants that are rooted in soil that is very wet or even submerged, but whose flowers and leaves are usually all or partially in the airspace and can be seen above the water surface. Thus, marsh plants are usually found on and in lakes and streams, but also on and in garden ponds or other bodies of water that provide them with a wet substrate, but still leave room for flowers and leaves to show to the outside.

Expert Tip: We recommend NatureHolic 3 Phase Liquid when keeping invertebrates. The care set offers the best all-round protection for your invertebrates. It ensures optimal conditions for successful breeding and keeping.

Scientific name Geosesarma sp. "Golden Top"
German Name: Golden Top vampire crab, Golden Top crab
Difficulty level: for beginners
Origin/Distribution: Southeast Asia
Coloration: Carapace upper side golden, underside bright red. Claws red-orange, legs in the course from bright red to dark brown, dark brown face
Age expectancy 2-3 years
Parameters: shallow bowl with fresh water, air temperature 22 to 26 °C
Tank size: from 60 cm for a group of 5-6 animals, from 40 cm for 3 animals. Pay attention to excess of females!
Food brown autumn leaves, frozen food, freeze-dried insects and crustaceans, fish meat, special food for carnivorous crabs, vegetables, green food, fruit
Reproduction not difficult, fully developed young hatch. However, adults are cannibalistic
Behavior peaceful, group animal
Socialization Keep in species tank
Further information Colorful jewels in the terrarium - land crabs of the genus Geosesarma, micro crabs, Limnopilos nayanetri - The smallest crab in the world!, Keeping mangrove crabs
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Vampire crab

Vampire crab "Golden Top" - Geosesarma sp.

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Question: "Kann man diese Krabbe auch mit anderen Fischen halten?"

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

Sie ist eine Terrarienkrabbe :-)

Question: "Kann man auch in Österreich bestelen"

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

Ja, das ist möglich.

Question: "Dear Sirs, can you select safe pairs (male and female) of crabs, for shipping? Currently, do you ship animals also abroad (in this case, to northern Italy)? Best regards,"

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

Ein Aussuchen nach Geschlecht ist in diesem Fall leider nicht möglich. Wir verschicken auch nach Italien.

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