L204 Ringlet loricariid - Panaqolus albivermis - 10 cm
L204 Ringlet loricariid - Panaqolus albivermis - 10 cm
L204 Ringlet loricariid - Panaqolus albivermis - 10 cm
  • very beautiful loricariid
  • somewhat more demanding
  • peaceful and compatible
  • for medium hard water
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L204 Ringlet loricariid - Panaqolus albivermis - 10 cm

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Product information
L204 Ringlet loricariid - Panaqolus albivermis - 10 cm
The beautiful striped catfish lives up to its imaginative name. Especially the young animals are striking and funny curled. The L 204 is a fish rather for advanced fishers, it does not need quite as soft water as other loricariids from South America. A small group fits great in a community tank, and even in a shrimp tank with shrimp that also like medium hard water. - Garnelio
Origin: South America
Final size: > 12cm
Temperature: 25-30 °C
Feature: Interesting coloring
Behavior: Quiet
with fish?: Yes, with peaceful fish
Difficulty: 4 - Special
Water values: Medium hard water
Planting possible?: conditional* (see description)
Pelvic region: Below
Aquarium size: 200 l (approx. 100cm)
Fish group: Catfish
with shrimps?: with dwarf shrimps, offspring is not eaten
Diet: omnivorous - omnivorous
with snails/shells?: Yes
with large crabs?: No
Breeding: heavy
Visual effect: Forms precincts
with dwarf crabs?: No
with crabs?: No

The South American Panaqolus albivermis (L 204) is a larger loricariid catfish from the middle to upper Ucayali inlet in Peru. Important for the ringtail loricariid catfish from South America is a lot of soft wood, which the animals constantly rasp off to supply themselves with fiber. Because of this constant rasping activity a good and strong filtration must be installed at the aquarium!

In nature, the Ringlet Socked Harnish Catfish inhabits larger wood aggregations in well-flowed areas of the river. The beautiful, somewhat larger loricariid catfish with up to 15 cm body length is brightly striped on a dark background. The caudal fin is extended long backward and has two pennant-like appendages. In adult striped loricariids, the striped pattern partially dissolves into dots. Adult males have a strong, very conspicuous growth of bristly odontodes on the caudal peduncle, which females lack. However, the males do not develop this fouling until they are 9-10 cm in body length, and prior to that, sex determination is very difficult in the Ringtail Lornetic Catfish.

Breeding of the cave breeder Panaqolus albivermis is considered relatively difficult, but in the hobby the beautiful catfish have already been successfully bred. The fish are conditioned with catfish tablets, vegetables and frozen food. The water in the breeding tank can have a pH value of 6.5 to 8.4 and should be rather medium hard. A temperature of 30 °C is necessary. Only the adult fish show interest in caves when they slowly get into spawning mood. The female, ready to spawn, visits the male lying in the cave when it is time to reproduce. The fish communicates with its filamentous appendages during this process. During his visit to the cave, the female lays 50-70 eggs and then leaves the cave immediately. The male fertilizes the clutch and then performs brood care. After 10 days, the fry's yolk supply is consumed and they leave the cave. They grow relatively slowly. They are raised with catfish tablets. Already the young fish need soft wood for their digestion.

Aquariums with Panaqolus albivermis (L 204) should not be too brightly lit and well structured with stones and soft root wood . Thus the ringlet socks find good retreat possibilities and resting places. The substrate should be selected from sand or fine gravel. An edge length from 120 cm is necessary for these catfish. Plants are only conditionally applicable, here one should set on firm, bitter-tasting and robust plants, e.g. Anubias, Cryptocoryne or Javafarn.

The care of Panaqolus albivermis should take place in rather medium-hard water. A water temperature of approx. 25-30°C is ideal. If there are not enough retreat possibilities in the form of roots, the catfish can become very rough among themselves. Apart from intra-species aggression, they are peaceful catfishes, which can be socialized very well with shrimps, snails, smaller tetras and other peaceful fishes and of course other catfishes.

Panaqolus albivermis are omnivores. Since the Ringlet Socked Catfish lives bottom-oriented, sinking food should also be chosen. In addition to catfish sticks, the fish also take live or frozen food very readily, as well as soft vegetables and greens. Of enormous importance for a healthy digestion are soft woods, which the catfish can scrape off. Vegetable food in addition to animal food should be a regular part of feeding.

Our food recommendation: The NatureHolic Catfish Feed is a professionally formulated complete food especially for all sucking catfish. The food tabs contain important dietary fibers such as chitin and plant fibers, which are essential for the survival of catfish for a well-functioning digestion. With strong proteins from insect larvae as well as carbohydrate-rich vegetables NatureHolic Catfish Feed provides all sucking catfish optimally with all important building materials for a fast and healthy growth. The extra hard chips can be scraped off by the catfish close to nature - here they really have to do something for their food! An occupation like in nature.

Our plant recommendation: Use for planting NatureHolic InVitros. These are free of snails, planaria and other unwanted co-inhabitants. Also free of algae spores, bacteria and fungi.

Expert Tip: We recommend for fish keeping the NatureHolic 3 Phase Liquid. The care set offers the best all-round protection for your animals. It ensures optimal conditions for successful breeding and keeping.

Scientific name Panaqolus albivermis
German name: Striped loricariid catfish, L 204
Difficulty level: advanced
Origin/Distribution: Peru, Rio San Alejandro
Coloration: Adult catfish with dark body and yellowish dot dash pattern, juvenile catfish with yellowish striped pattern on a dark background
Age Expectancy up to 15 years with optimal care
Water parameters: GH 3 to 15, KH 0 to 7, pH 6.5 to 8.4, temperature 25 to 30°C
Tank size: from 180 l
Food Omnivorous, likes to take additional frozen food or live food and vegetable or green food
Breeding difficult
Behavior very peaceful
Group size Group from 4-6 animals
Further information Ten typical aquarium fish for beginners and alternatives to them, Tips for acclimating fish to the aquarium, Feeding aquarium fish properly - cheap food and what it can do
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L204 Ringlet loricariid - Panaqolus albivermis - 10 cm

L204 Ringlet loricariid - Panaqolus albivermis - 10 cm

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Question: "Sehen die wirklich so aus wie auf dem Bild "

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

Hallo Steve, vielen Dank für deine Frage! Die Tiere entsprechen den Bildern 2 und 3. 

Question: "Hallo wann kann man mit diesen Tieren wieder rechnen?"

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

Sie sollten bald wieder da sein, du kannst dich aber auch einfach per Email benachrichtgen lassen!

Question: "Hallo habt ihr den L204 auch in dem blau da ?so wie auf dem 1 Bild zu sehen??"

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

Die Tiere variieren sehr stark in ihrer Färbung

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