Swordtail "Pineapple" - Xiphophorus helleri
Swordtail "Pineapple" - Xiphophorus helleri
Swordtail "Pineapple" - Xiphophorus helleri
  • impressive livebearer
  • beautifully colored
  • for larger aquariums
  • for harder water

Swordtail "Pineapple" - Xiphophorus helleri

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Product information
Swordtail "Pineapple" - Xiphophorus helleri
The impressive swordtails are live-bearing aquarium fish related to platies and guppies. The beautifully colored pineapple swordtails are a great addition and an effective eye-catcher in appropriately sized aquariums. They can be well socialized with larger shrimps and with small crayfish. - Garnelio
Origin: South America
Final size: 8-12 cm
Difficulty: 1 - Simple
with shrimps?: with dwarf shrimps, offspring is eaten
with dwarf crabs?: Yes
with snails/shells?: Yes
Planting possible?: Yes
Visual effect: Especially colorful
Diet: omnivorous - omnivorous
Fish group: Tooth carp
Water values: Hard water
Pelvic region: Top
Breeding: simply
Aquarium size: 100 l (approx. 80cm)
Temperature: 18-28 °C

The pineapple swordtail Xiphophorus helleri belongs to the live-bearing toothcarps and is closely related to guppies and platies. Swordtails can also interbreed with platies. Xiphophorus helleri originates from Central America and South America, where it lives in fast flowing rivers with many plants.

The special feature of the up to about 12 cm long males is the spectacular sword on the caudal fin. It is about 4 cm long in adult males. The color pineapple in the swordtail is shown by an orange to red color on the back and a bright yellowish coloration on the ventral side. The sword in males is fringed with dark stripes, the caudal fin of females may also be black in color, but orange or yellowish is also possible. Females do not have a sword and also grow quite large at about 12 cm. In addition to sword-bearing males, there are also the so-called late males, which look like females for a very long time and retain the body shape of a very strong female even after the formation of the male gonopodium (the elongated sexual organ), but are capable of procreation.

The swordtail is a live-bearing toothcarp and gives birth to live fry. Females can store semen for a long time and for several litters. A litter can be up to 150 animals strong. Adults chase after their offspring, thereby decimating the offspring population. The fry are 6-9 millimeters long at birth, they come

Swordtails have a relatively well-developed schooling behavior. They also live in biotopes in nature in medium-hard to hard water and even in light brackish water. A water temperature of 20-28 °C is optimal for Xiphophorus helleri, so they can be kept at a normal room temperature without a heater.

The socialization of swordtails works quite well especially with larger shrimps like Amano shrimps or fan shrimps and with smaller peaceful dwarf crayfish species from the genus Cambarellus. Smaller shrimp and even their young may be eaten, while larger crayfish see the fish as a welcome addition to their diet. Swordtails are most likely to be kept with Neocaridina , a shrimp species known for its good reproduction rate.

In the wild, small crustaceans are part of the swordtails' diet, along with worms and insects and aquatic plants. Pineapple swordtails also like to nibble on algae and eat algae coverings, as well as soft vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, squash, scalded spinach leaves, dandelion or nettle leaves, to name a few). Flake food for aquarium fish is also readily taken, as is frozen food or live food such as grindal, water fleas or mosquito larvae.

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Scientific name Xiphophorus helleri
German Name: Pineapple swordtail
Difficulty level: for beginners
Origin/Distribution: South America
Coloration: Orange to red on the back and light yellowish on the ventral side, sword fringed by dark stripes in males, caudal fin of females black or orange to yellowish
Age expectancy approx. 3 years
Water parameters: GH 12 to 30, KH 5-20, pH 7 to 8.5, temperature 20 to 28 °C
Tank size: from 80 l
Food Omnivorous, likes to take frozen or live food and soft vegetables or greens, in addition to flake food and granulated food
Breeding very easy
Behavior very peaceful
Group size at least 10
Further information Ten typical aquarium fish for beginners and alternatives to them, Tips for acclimating fish to the aquarium, Feeding aquarium fish properly - cheap food and what it can do
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Swordtail "Pineapple" - Xiphophorus helleri

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