Stylophora Milka 1 offshoot
  • Exotic look
  • Beautiful colors
  • Needs a lot of light
  • For advanced growers

Stylophora Milka 1 offshoot

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Product information
Stylophora Milka 1 offshoot
The bright colors and interesting shape of Stylophora sp. "Milka" almost make you forget its high demands. This SPS coral already has more precise ideas about life in the aquarium and is definitely a case for advanced coral keepers. However, if you provide it with the clean, low-pollution water, strong light and good current that it needs, the stylophora coral "Milka" will enchant you with its wonderful appearance in your coral reef. - Garnelio

The interestingly structured, rather stocky growing and very beautifully colored Stylophora sp. "Milka" is also called Milka Griffel coral. It belongs to the small polyped SPS corals that are somewhat more difficult to maintain. This stony coral is one of the few corals in marine aquaristics, which also occurs in the Red Sea as well as in the Indo-Pacific.

The stylus coral Stylophora sp. "Milka" has strikingly thick branches up to 1 cm in diameter and bright, rounded growing tips. The distinctly bicolored coral fits well in marine reef aquariums of 200 liters or more in volume. The Milka Griffon Coral grows up to 25 cm in size and shows a particularly beautifully branched, very interesting shape and a color play worth seeing.

This beautiful stony coral is not a beginner's animal, but develops surprising colors and shapes with good care. It needs very clean and low pollutant water and a medium to very strong current. Stylophora sp. "Milka" also needs strong, flat light. Then it shows especially beautiful colors and good growth. Stylophora "Milka" needs to sit quite high up on the reef.

If fed with fine plant and animal plankton, Stylophora sp. "Milka" grows a bit better in the reef aquarium and shows more intense colors. However, the stylus coral does not necessarily have to be fed.

The propagation of the Milka Griffel Coral Stylophora sp. is uncomplicated: You take off a coral branch and glue it with coral glue on a small stone or directly on your reef in a good place.

The product photo is only an example picture, please note that you will not get exactly the animals from the photo.

Scientific name:Stylophora sp. "Milka"
German Name:Stylophora coral, Milka stylophora coral
Difficulty level:advanced
Origin/Distribution:Red Sea and Indo-Pacific
Coloration:bicolor, purple tones
Age expectancy: unknown
Water parameters:Salinity: 35 g/l, density: 1.023-1.025, nitrate 5-15 mg/l, phosphate 0.025-0.05 mg/l, KH 7-8, Ca 400-440 ppm, temperature 24-27 °C
Tank size:200 l and up
Food: vegetable and animal plankton, light (zooxanthellae)
Breeding: possible
Light requirement: high
Placement as high as possible on the reef
CITES: n. a.
Red List: NT Endangerment increasing
Further information:
  • 29662
  • 4251932209153

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Stylophora Milka 1 offshoot

Stylophora Milka 1 offshoot

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