Seriatopora hystrix green 1 offshoot
  • Spiky appearance
  • Beautiful green
  • For the upper reef area
  • Suitable for beginners

Seriatopora hystrix green 1 offshoot

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Product information
Seriatopora hystrix green 1 offshoot
With its intense green color and filigree structure, the spiny stone coral Seriatopora hystrix is a great eye-catcher in the aquarium. It likes a place at the top of the reef very much and grows very fast in good conditions. A great SPS coral, which is also great for beginners in coral keeping. - Garnelio

The Seriatopora hystrix "Green" is also called Green Spiny Bush Coral because of its fine branching. The great structured stony coral is a SPS coral and shows a great green. Seriatopora hystrix originates from the Indo-Pacific and needs a lot of light and a good current in the aquarium. Lighting with blue light components supports the formation of the color pigments of the spiny bush coral.

Seriatopora stony corals are SPS corals that are well suited for beginners in coral keeping due to their relative robustness. The beautifully structured, filigree coral for seawater colors most intensively with good light intensity and suitable water values.

Seriatopora hystrix "Green", the green spiny bush coral, grows very fast in good conditions and should be divided accordingly before it gets too big. If you allow the coral to grow too large, the coral may die from the inside out due to lack of light and lack of current. Large specimens are grateful for the use of a wavebox. You can simply attach the detached pieces to a suitable spot on your reef with coral glue for propagation.

The spiny bush coral Seriatopora hystrix "Green" is a great stony coral for a marine aquarium from 150 liters. The coral needs medium to strong lighting and a good current. Seriatopora hystrix feels more comfortable in the upper part of your reef.

Feed the Seriatopora hystrix "Green" coral in the marine aquarium if necessary with fine plant and animal plankton.

The product photo is only an example picture, please note that you will not get exactly the animals from the photo.

Scientific name:Seriatopora hystrix "Green"
German Name:Green spiny bush coral, green Christ thorn coral
Difficulty level:for beginners
Age expectancy: unknown
Water parameters:Salinity: 34-35 g/l, density: 1.023, nitrate 1-15 mg/l, phosphate 0.02-0.08 mg/l, KH 6-8, Ca 400-430, temperature 23-25 °C
Tank size:150 l and up
Food: vegetable and animal plankton, light (zooxanthellae)
Breeding: possible
Light requirement: medium to much
Placement in the current in the middle to on top of the reef
CITES: n. a.
Red List: LC not threatened
Further information:
  • 29671
  • 4251932209245

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Seriatopora hystrix green 1 offshoot

Seriatopora hystrix green 1 offshoot

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