2x Peaceful fighting fish - Betta imbellis - pair
  • peaceful behavior
  • suitable for community tanks
  • suitable for beginners
  • intensive brood keeper
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2x Peaceful fighting fish - Betta imbellis - pair

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Product information
2x Peaceful fighting fish - Betta imbellis - pair
The perfect alternative to the conventional fighting fish is probably the Betta imbellis, which easily comes into its own in the community aquarium! Like its smaller brother, it presents an incredible blaze of color and offers a spectacle of the extra class as a foam nest builder. Its peacefulness and easy handling make it an excellent all-rounder, which unfortunately is still quite unknown. High time, therefore, to offer this little fellow the appearance he deserves! - Garnelio
Water values: soft to medium hard
Origin: Asia
with dwarf crabs?: No
Final size: 4-8 cm
with shrimps?: with dwarf shrimps, offspring is eaten
with snails/shells?: Yes
Planting possible?: Yes
Difficulty: 2 - Normal
Breeding: medium
Pelvic region: Top
Aquarium size: 54 l (approx. 60cm)
Diet: carnivore - meat eater
Visual effect: Forms territories (when spawning)
Fish group: Labyrinth fish
Temperature: 18-28 °C

The relatively rarely found in the trade peaceful fighting fish, Betta imbellis, is related to the more familiar Betta splendens, but it has a much less aggressive behavior and can therefore be kept as a pair. For the first time this fish, which belongs to the labyrinth fishes, was examined more closely in 1975. In Southeast Asia this foam nest fish is quite widespread, so that it can be found between Sumatra to Singapore, Borneo, Laos up to North and Thailand. Mainly it colonizes the weedy shore regions of standing and flowing rainforest areas, but also flooded streams and rivers.

Although Betta imbellis and Betta splendens are externally difficult to distinguish, at the latest a look at their behavior provides information. The almost 5 cm large growing peaceful fighting fish have a gray basic coloration, which is darker in the back area, the flanks and the belly are lighter. From the mouth to the tail fin two dark lines appear, which end in a spot on the tail fin root. Males in particular form magnificently colored fins in various shades of blue, which may also be fringed with red. Their otherwise gray body forms turquoise spots. Usually their gill cover patch is colored green to blue, but depending on the origin, it may be completely absent. It is possible that this color extends over the eye. The tips of the first elongated and red pelvic fin rays are colored light blue to white, near the body the fin bases may appear darker. Due to their easy keeping and their peacefulness the Peaceful Fighting Fish is suitable for community aquariums and can be kept by beginners.

The males differ from the females mainly by their more intense coloration, but also in size. The females remain somewhat smaller and also paler, they form maximally pinkish tones. An increase in temperature up to 30 °C can favor the readiness to mate. The females show this by vertical stripes. If the animals are well fed, the male soon builds a foam nest in an aquarium corner including floating plants. Peaceful fighting fish mate closely. The female falls into a kind of rigidity. The male collects the eggs dropped to the bottom with his mouth and spits them into the foam nest. He meticulously guards the nest, repairs it if necessary, and defends it from other fish. Depending on the temperature, the larvae hatch after about four to five days, still feeding on their yolk sac. They can be raised after another four to five days with finest live food like infusoria, paramecia and afterwards also with hatched Artemia na uplii.

With regard to their habitat, the aquarium of the Peaceful Fighting Fish may be somewhat smaller with 54 liters. Like Betta splendens, the animals do not like bright lighting and prefer little flow, but densely planted areas in the aquarium. Rather dark bottoms, which do not reflect very much, would be advantageous. Concerning their water values the fish are quite tolerant, but an acidic and soft environment with a total hardness between 10-30 °dGH, a pH value between 4.5-7.2 would be advantageous, which is why the Peaceful Fighting Fish is also perfectly suitable for a black water aquarium. Since these fish also have a labyrinth organ, they breathe at the water surface, to which they regularly ascend. Since the atmospheric oxygen is usually cooler than the aquarium temperature, the aquarium should be covered if possible, so that the animals do not "cool down".

Since the Betta imbellis is an excellent hunter, which impressively chases live food, a socialization with shrimps is rather not recommended, since it can eat their offspring. Crayfish are also not suitable, as they may tug at the fins of the fighting fish. Fish from similar habitats, which are not too obtrusive, but also catfish and other bottom-dwelling fish are suitable in the community aquarium.

The Peaceful Fighting Fish feeds on animal food in its habitat : aquatic insects, tiny crustaceans and other invertebrates, which is why it can be easily fed with live and frozen food such as mosquito larvae, daphnia, enchytrae and cyclops, but also special Betta food granules with a high animal content.

Our food recommendation: The soft granules NatureHolic Bettafeed has been optimized in its composition to meet the needs of fighting fish and other carnivores. However, fighting fish do not only need pure animal proteins. A small proportion of vegetable substances imitates the intestinal contents of the prey animals, with which the beautiful bettas in nature ultimately consume a certain proportion of plant food. Garlic extract has a strengthening effect and can supportthe immune system and also make it strong against parasites.

Our plant recommendation: For planting, use NatureHolic InVitros. These are free of snails, planarians and other unwanted co-inhabitants. Also free of algae spores, bacteria and fungi.

Expert Tip: We recommend for fish keeping the NatureHolic 3 Phase Liquid. The care set offers the best all-round protection for your animals. It ensures optimal conditions for successful breeding and keeping.

Scientific name: Betta imbellis
German name: Peaceful fighting fish, small fighting fish
Difficulty level: for beginners
Origin/Distribution: Southeast Asia
Coloration: gray base color, partial gill cover patch, males turquoise-blue with red fin fringes, females paler
Age expectancy approx. 2 years
Water parameters: GH 10-30 °dGH, KH 0-6, pH 4.5-7.2, temperature 15-30°C (ideally 28°C)
Tank size: 54 l and up
Food Carnivorous, live and frozen food, special bettafood
Breeding easy
Behavior peaceful
Group size at least 2 animals
Further information Ten typical aquarium fish for beginners and alternatives to them, Tips for acclimating fish to the aquarium, Feeding aquarium fish properly - cheap food and what it can do
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2x Peaceful fighting fish - Betta imbellis - pair

2x Peaceful fighting fish - Betta imbellis - pair

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Question: "Moin ! Wann sind die imbellis wieder als Pärchen verfügbar? Grüsse"

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

Hallo Christian, vielen Dank fuer deine Frage! Wir erhalten die Tiere sehr regelmaessig, es wird nicht lange dauern. 

Question: "Leben diese Fische in festen Partnerschaften oder bekommt man einfach ein Männchen und ein Weibchen zusammengewürfelt?"

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

Hallo Miriam, vielen Dank fuer deine Frage! Die Tiere sind friedlich untereinander und koennen daher, wie du es nennst, zusammengewuerfelt werden. 

Question: "Hallo liebes Garnelio Team, ich habe ein 57l Aquarium und wollte fragen ob ich einenBetta imbellis mit 6 Zwergpanzerwelsen vertragen? Wann ist der tolle Betta imbellis wieder verfügbar? Lg Justus"

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

Hallo Justus, vielen Dank für deine Frage! Ja, das kann man so zusammen halten. Leider wissen wir nicht genau wann die Tiere wieder verfügbar sind, hinterlege gerne deine Mail um informiert zu werden, wenn es soweit ist.

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