Copper tetra DNZ - Hasemania nana
  • metallic shiny
  • Schooling fish
  • suitable for beginners
  • lively behavior

Copper tetra DNZ - Hasemania nana

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Product information
Copper tetra DNZ - Hasemania nana
Copper tetras are not only the "old hands" of aquaristics, but also visually enhance many an aquarium! With their great shimmering copper to brass color, they give every biotope a noble touch! Their easy keeping and care make them very interesting for beginners, and with a little patience they can be easily bred. - Garnelio
Water values: soft to medium hard
with shrimps?: with dwarf shrimp, offspring may be eaten
Temperature: 25-30 °C
Behavior: Active
Feature: Interesting coloring
with fish?: Yes, with peaceful fish
Aquarium size: 100 l (approx. 80cm)
Breeding: medium
Visual effect: Swarm behavior
Diet: omnivorous - omnivorous
Origin: South America
Planting possible?: Yes
with snails/shells?: Yes
with dwarf crabs?: Yes
Final size: 4-8 cm
Difficulty: 1 - Simple
Fish group: Tetra
with large crabs?: No
Pelvic region: Center
with crabs?: No

The copper tetra Hasemania nana, synonym: Hasemania marginata, is a classic representative of the true tetras and has been regularly imported from South America for aquaristics since the end of 1930. Its natural range is in northeastern Brazil, where it inhabits soft water rivers such as the Sao Francisco and the headwaters of the Rio Purus, a tributary of the Amazon. Here it is found in both black and white water.

Both sexes exhibit a metallic sheen, with the name copper tetra being programmatic for the males. Especially in their mating dress or imponation coloration, the males shimmer a glittering copper color, which in combination with the bright red fins is a fantastic sight. These also feature white fin tips, which gives the whole fish a very classy appearance. The females, on the other hand, have a more brassy and much paler base color, which makes it much easier to distinguish between the sexes. Both are fully grown at just under 5 cm and can even live to be 10 years old.

Due to the lively behavior of the animals, tanks from 80-100 cm edge length are recommended. The planting of the aquarium should be aligned in such a way that the fish find enough free swimming space for their imponiergehabe and courtship behavior. Retreat possibilities in the form of, for example, background plants and lateral vegetation should also be available. A somewhat subdued lighting also brings out the shimmering colors of the fish particularly well. Your aquarium water may be quite soft to medium hard with a total hardness (GH) between 2-30 °dGH, ideally up to 15 ° dGH and a pH value of 6-8. At a temperature between 22 and 27 ° C feel these lively comrades most comfortable.

The lively character of the fish should be taken into account when keeping them together. They maintain a pronounced social behavior and a hierarchy, which is constantly clarified. Therefore we recommend keeping these schooling fish in a group size of at least 10 animals. Suitable tankmates would be smaller South American dwarf cichlids or, if the tank size is suitable, angelfish. Various Corydoras and Ancistrus species, which enliven the substrate, are of course also suitable.

Under suitable aquarium conditions the reproduction of the Copper Tetra is not uncommon and can be classified as rather easy, even in community tanks with calmer by-fish occasionally juveniles appear. For a specific reproduction it is recommended to keep the animals in the species tank. In a rearing aquarium with soft water values at a pH between 6-6,5 and a fine spawning substrate, but also with a spawning grid, the free spawners can be induced to lay eggs. At each deposition, the clutch may contain over a hundred small eggs. Afterwards, the parents should be moved again immediately, as they are serious spawn predators. The rearing aquarium should be darkened so that the fry hatch after about two days. At the beginning the larvae feed on their yolk sac and can be fed with infusoria, slipperfish or Artemia nauplii shortly after.

As omnivores, copper tetras can be fed with almost all commercially available granulated food, dry food and flake food, as they are not particularly demanding. However, a balanced and varied diet should be emphasized here as well. Live food and frozen food can be given occasionally, for this purpose mosquito larvae, daphnia, water fleas or artemia are suitable.

Our feed recommendation: The NatureHolic Main Feed is a professional staple feed for all aquarium fish. Main feed we supply in the form of soft granules, which thanks to its grain size of half a millimeter can be easily absorbed by small to medium sized fish. The soft consistency resembles the texture of insect larvae in nature and protects the fish mouth from micro-injuries.

Our plant recommendation: Use for planting NatureHolic InVitros. These are free of snails, planarians and other unwanted co-inhabitants. Also free from algae spores, bacteria and fungi.

Expert Tip: We recommend for fish keeping the NatureHolic 3 Phase Liquid. The care set offers the best all-round protection for your animals. It ensures optimal conditions for successful breeding and keeping.

Scientific name: Hasemania nana
German name:Copper tetra
Difficulty level:for beginners
Origin/Distribution:South America
Coloration:Shiny metallic, males strong copper color, females brass color
Age expectancy up to approx. 10years
Water parameters:GH 2°-30 °dGH (ideal: 2-15 °dGH), KH 0-8° dKH, pH 6.0-8, temperature 22°-27° C
Tank size:80 l and up
Food Omnivorous, granulated food, flake food, live and frozen food such as Artemia, Daphnia, Cyclops, mosquito larvae and others
Breeding simple
Behavior lively
Group size Groups of at least 6 animals
Further information Ten typical aquarium fish for beginners and alternatives to them, Tips for acclimating fish to the aquarium, Feeding aquarium fish properly - cheap food and what it can do
  • 7607

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Copper tetra DNZ - Hasemania nana

Copper tetra DNZ - Hasemania nana

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Question: "Ich würde gerne 2 Männchen und 8 Weibchen bestellen, geht das oder werden die wild durcheinander gewürfelt?"

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

WIr versenden gemischt geschlechtlich. Je größer die Anzahl der Tiere ist, die du erwirbst, desto höher die Wahrscheinlichkiet, dass beide Geschlechter vertreten sind,

Question: "Hallo ich hab eine frage lassen die sich gut mit guppys , plattys und dornaugen halten ? "

from Kevin (Garnelio)
from Kevin (Garnelio)

Ja, das sollte kein Problem sein..

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