Ludwigia arcuata - NatureHolic InVitro
Ludwigia arcuata - NatureHolic InVitro
  • red aquarium plant
  • filigree leaves
  • popular and well known
  • relatively easy to keep

Ludwigia arcuata - NatureHolic InVitro

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Product information
Ludwigia arcuata - NatureHolic InVitro
The vigorous, well-branching narrow-leaved Ludwigia is a great red-leaved aquarium plant that can add great color accents to green aquarium plants with its rather filigree leaves. It is relatively frugal for a red aquarium plant and also correspondingly popular in the aquarium hobby. - Garnelio
Growth rate: fast
Type: InVitro
Light requirements: medium
C02: with CO2 fertilization
Basin placement: Middle ground
Origin: North America
Genus: Ludwigia

A red-leaved aquarium plant from North America is the well known in aquaristics narrow-leaved Ludwigia, Ludwigia arcuata. It is one of the more filigree Ludwigias and is therefore also suitable for medium-sized aquariums for the background, for the middle ground of large aquariums it also fits well. Its leaf color varies from red to gold and creates beautiful accents in the aquarium.

As an eye-catcher and color spot, Narrow-leaved Ludwigia is most effective when planted in a small group of 5-10 stems in the middle ground to background. Under a lot of light the colors are most intense, with CO2 fertilization the narrow-leaved Ludwigia grows optimally. It grows 25-50 cm high and can also grow out of the water. Ludwigia arcuata can even bloom on the emersed shoots. This Ludwigia branches very well, and it can tolerate more frequent pruning.

Ludwigia arcuata is propagated via head cuttings or side cuttings. To do this, simply cut off the appropriate shoots and stick them into the gravel or soil in the aquarium. For this, one of the shoots is cut off with scissors and then simply stuck into the soil. There they will grow roots by themselves. Even if a group of Ludwigias no longer looks nice, the procedure is to cut the upper shoots, discard the lower parts that have become unsightly and simply replant the younger shoots.

Thanks to its fast growth, Ludwigia arcuata is a good preventative against algae plagues in the aquarium - it does not leave many nutrients for the unwanted algae to utilize.

This narrow-leaved Ludwigia was grown as an InVitro plant from the very beginning in the sales cup in the laboratory. Therefore, you have the guarantee that it does not contain any unwelcome guests such as worms, snails, other parasites and also no harmful pesticides. Carefully rinse away the culture medium with a weak stream of water and then immediately plant the plant in your aquarium.

Our recommendation: For a splendid plant growth we recommend the use of the NatureHolic fertilizer series and for new set up the Premium Nutrient Substrate NatureHolic GroundBooster.

Scientific name: Ludwigia arcuata
German name: Narrow-leaved Ludwigia
Origin/Distribution: North America
Growth habit: Shoots with narrow, rather long leaflets
Height of growth: approx. 25-50 cm
Growth rate: fast
Placement in the tank: Middle ground to background
Light requirement: medium
CO2 fertilization: necessary
Water hardness: 2-17 °dH
Temperature: 12-25 °C
Propagation: by cuttings
Further information: The advantages of InVitro plants, Algae in the aquarium, part 1, Algae in the aquarium, part 2, Algae in the aquarium, part 3, Algae in the aquarium, part 4, The correct plant fertilizationin the aquarium


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Ludwigia arcuata - NatureHolic InVitro

Ludwigia arcuata - NatureHolic InVitro

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